The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS, is the richest terrorist organization in history.  Much of their funding comes from oil from lands they occupy, which they are able to sell to buyers willing to deal with them.  Key to any strategy to defeat ISIS would be to destroy the source of their funding:  oil.  This would seem to be a rather obvious strategy.  Destroy ISIS’s oil supplies.  Render them useless and ISIS will be starved of funding.  Combined with other actions, the terror group could be routed in relatively short order.

But Barack Obama has refused to bomb the tanker trucks carrying that oil.  What possible reasons could exist for not bombing them?  The answer to that question is bewildering.  You might find the answers irrational at best.  Others might find the answers perhaps even treasonous.

Why does Barack Obama refuse to bomb the oil tanker trucks?  He’s afraid someone might get hurt.  That’s not an exaggeration.  The Obama Administration has said, that out of an abundance of caution for the safety of the tanker truck drivers, they have not bombed those trucks.  The Obama Administration seems to think the drivers of those trucks are being compelled to drive them at gunpoint by ISIS.  There is no evidence of this.

Why then, does Obama not order them bombed?  Because he doesn’t want them bombed.  It’s as simple as that.  If he really wanted to destroy ISIS, he wouldn’t look for reasons not to destroy them.

To further bolster his screwball decision not to bomb the ISIS oil resources that are the lifeblood of that genocidal organization, Obama’s Administration also claimed  bombing the tanker trucks would have an adverse impact on environment.  Defeating ISIS apparently adds to the “problem” of climate change.  That’s not a joke, folks.

Let’s sum it up.  The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, refuses to destroy the oil resources of the most genocidal terrorist group on the planet because he’s afraid he’s going to hurt people, litter and cause more global warming.  This President, by inaction and cowardice is imperiling the lives of Americans because he’s afraid he’s going to hurt a handful of ISIS sympathizing truck drivers and upset the Democrats largest contributor, environmentalist fanatic billionaire, Tom Steyer.

Obama is fond of making speeches where he lectures us that “the arc of history bends towards justice.”  Obama is an idiot.  The arc of history doesn’t bend towards justice on its own.  It is bent towards justice by men of principled determination who bend it.  It doesn’t happen through the empty rhetoric of a coward, who lacks the fortitude to pursue justice with manly firmness.




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