morning joke

This 90 second video contains a number of whoppers from Donald Trump and his feelings about Congressional Democrats.  If you are a Trump supporter because you are tired of the way Republicans in Congress work to give the Democrats what they want, then you need to listen to this video.  Here are some of Trump’s quotes:

On Nancy Pelosi:

“I am going to be able to get along with Pelosi.  I’ve always had a good relationship.  Never a problem.”


On Harry Reid:

“I’ve always had a decent relationship with Reid.”


On Chuck Schumer:

“I think I am going to be able to get along with Schumer.  I was always very good with Schumer.  I was close to him in many ways.”

On Ted Cruz:

“He’s a guy that nobody likes.  That nobody trusts.  He is a nasty guy.  He says things that are very nasty.”


Let’s sum up:

  • Nancy Pelosi, Democrat:  OK
  • Harry Reid, Democrat:  OK
  • Chuck Schumer, Democrat: OK
  • Ted Cruz, Republican:  Not OK.  Nobody likes him, trusts him and he’s nasty.

>Trump has nice things to say about Democrats.

>Trump trashes the ONLY Republican he talks about in the interview.

>Isn’t that what John McCain does and every other RINO?


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