Donald Trump said “Hillary got schlonged” in the 2008 Presidential campaign.  The media response to Trump was predictable:  shock, outrage, referring to him as “the vulgarian in chief”.  What Trump said wasn’t nice, but it hardly rises to the level the media wants to make the public think it does.  Even Liberal commentator, Jeff Greenfield has said the expression, “getting schlonged” has no sexually vulgar connotation.  The rest of media doesn’t care.  Their ignorance won’t stop them.

One after another, the media commentators feign indignity, suggesting Mrs. Clinton deserves respect and Trump is being disrespectful.  At the same time, many Liberals are fond of lecturing others:  “Respect is not given, but earned.”  Has Mrs. Clinton earned that respect?

When Did Hillary Earn Our Respect?

Did Mrs. Clinton earn respect when she engineered a defamation and character assassination campaign against the long line of women who had accused her husband of serial sexual molestation and harassment?  Do you remember just a few of the names?

  • Gennifer Flowers
  • Paula Jones
  • Kathleen Willey
  • Juanita Broaddrick
  • Elizabeth Ward Gracen
  • Dolly Kyle Browning
  • Sally Perdue
  • Connie Hamzy
  • Bobbie Ann Williams
  • Eileen Wellstone
  • Sandra Allen James
  • Christy Zercher
  • Lencola Sullivan
  • Elizabeth Ward
  • Susie Whitacre
  • and of course, the woman he used as a humidor for his cigars, Monica Lewinsky.

And the most recent revelations, that Bill Clinton also sexually assaulted former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  Is Mrs. Clinton a woman deserving of respect in light of the way she has enabled her husband who is serial sexual predator?  Hillary Clinton presumes to speak on behalf of women’s causes.  Has she earned that right?  I just named 17 accusers of Bill Clinton, Hillary actively fought to discredit.  At what point does respect get lost and disdain become most appropriate?

Lest you remain unconvinced that this woman neither deserves or has earned any deference the media or the public, listen to her in her own words as she laughs about getting a child rapist off with just time served, two months in jail.  This is the defender of women who deserves deference?

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, power hungry harpy deserving of no respect whatsoever.
She has protected and enabled her husband who has been accused of sexual assault by many more women than have even been named here.  And while she was in Arkansas, defended a child rapist, got him off and joked about it.

But the media wants us to ignore these things and calls these actions on her part:  “out of bounds.”

And that is why the media just can’t be trusted anymore.  Did CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times or the Washington Post bring the Arkansas tape to light?  Why not?  Because the media has its favorites.

These actions by Clinton speak very directly to her qualifications to hold office.

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