Weissmann admits agenda

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Let’s not forget who Andrew Weissmann is. This is the man responsible for destroying the accounting firm Arthur Andersen literally overnight, taking with it 85,000 jobs, all based on a completely discredited claim which was fed by withholding evidence. The exoneration of Arthur Andersen came too late to restore its reputation or those jobs. But that wasn’t the only time Weissmann abused his power as a prosecutor. He also withheld exculpatory evidence in the corruption case of Republican Senator, Ted Stevens, who was also exonerated, but not before he was killed in a plane crash. Stevens’s exit from the Senate tilted control of it to the Democrats. Weissmann was also implicated in more prosecutorial abuse in the trial of Merrill Lynch executives. Again, he withheld exculpatory evidence and the case was unanimously reversed on appeal. Armed early morning raids on the homes of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are classic Weissmann tactics. Gestapo tactics. Whether or not you believe Manafort and Stone are criminals who deserve to go to jail, there was no need to terrorize their families with police state tactics.

Andrew Weissmann was brought up on ethics charges for his behavior, but escaped any punishment because he was a favorite of Robert Mueller. He should have been disbarred and forbidden to ever practice law again.

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