Trump in 2011: Bachmann & Perry are Cowards for Not Debating


Donald Trump won’t be attending Thursday night’s GOP debate hosted by Fox News, but many of his supporters reject the idea it’s out of cowardice and instead a stand on principle against what he believes is a biased moderator.  But just five years ago, Donald Trump himself attempted to host his own GOP Presidential debate in 2011 and when Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry decided to drop out of the debate, Trump called them “cowards.”

“There are two reasons that these candidates are backing out of my debate. One, some just aren’t courageous people.”

When Megyn Kelly asked Trump about the abusive and insulting language he used against women in his past, Trump reacted as though it was a “gotcha” question.  What was “gotcha” about it?  Trump’s behavior is a valid area to explore.  Nevertheless, if Donald Trump’s behavior was not a valid area of inquiry prior to Megyn Kelly’s question five months ago, it certainly is today after five solid months of Trump spilling his bile at any critical voice, male and female alike.  Trump has shown a skin even thinner than Obama’s.  The people of Iowa are watching this and taking note.

Less than a week ago, Mr. Trump said his followers are so loyal, they’d continue to follow him even if he shot someone.  He is putting that loyalty to the test right now.  His comment about his supporters represent a contemptuous dismissal.  He is presuming his hold on them cannot be shaken.  That is pure arrogance.

He wants to tell Fox News who he will allow to ask him questions and who he won’t.  No candidate should ever be allowed to dictate to any news media outlet such terms.  Not long ago, Trump in a one-on-one interview with Megyn Kelly, was effusive in his praise.  Is Trump so shallow that his opinion could sour so dramatically from a single question in a debate?  Apparently.

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