Trump doesn't expect Pence to mimic his harsh attacks

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In an interview to be broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Donald Trump said he and running mate Mike Pence are “different people,” suggesting he doesn’t expect Pence to issue the kind of harsh attacks that he does against Hillary Clinton and others.

“I don’t think he should do it because it’s different for him,” Trump said. “We’re different people. I understand that.”

The remarks came during the pair’s first joint interview, conducted with “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl, who prodded Pence to explain the inconsistency between his past objections to negative campaigning and his presence on a presidential ticket with Donald Trump.

From the interview:

Stahl: You said negative campaigning is wrong and a campaign ought to demonstrate the basic decency of the candidate.

Pence: Right.

Stahl: With that in mind, what do you think about your running mate’s campaign and the tone and the negativity of it?

Pence: I think this is a good man who’s been talking about the issues the American people care about.

Stahl: But name-calling?

Pence: In that —

Stahl: “Lyin’ Ted?”

Pence: In the essay that I wrote a long time ago, I said campaigns ought to be about something more important than just one candidate’s election. And this campaign and Donald Trump’s candidacy has been about the issues the American people care about …

Stahl: But what about the negative side? He’s apologized for being a negative —

Trump: We’re different people. I understand that. I’ll give you an example. Hillary Clinton is a liar. Hillary Clinton — that was just proven … Hillary Clinton is a crook.

Stahl: That’s negative —

Trump: I call her “Crooked Hillary.” She’s crooked Hillary. He won’t — I — I don’t — I didn’t ask him to do it, but I don’t think he should do it because it’s different for him.

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