To Trump: It’s about Clinton, not Carson, Stupid

Donald Trump

To Trump: It’s about Clinton, not Carson, Stupid

The longer Donald Trump is in the GOP race, the more I think he might just be a Democrat mole. Since I detest conspiracy theories, I’d rather think he’s just a political novice making a major rookie mistake.

Hillary’s Hanging Curve Ball

We have just experienced a major revelation about the lead candidate for the Democrats. She lied to the country and the families of those killed in Benghazi, Libya.  There are emails to prove it, too.  What does Trump do?   Why, he attacks Ben Carson, of course!  Not Hillary Clinton.  Ben Carson.
A little message to Mr. Trump:  this isn’t all about you.  It’s about making America great again, right?  What will make America greater?  Trying to diminish a fellow Republican, or keeping the spotlight on the leading Democratic candidate as dishonest, venal and a liar?  Why do Hillary Clinton favors by beating up Ben Carson?

Choosing Tactics (Iowa) Over Strategy (Clinton)

I know Trump will say he’s competing against Carson in Iowa, where he trails him by 9 pts. But Trump, IMHO, is making a big mistake that will hurt his chances could also hurt the GOP chances.  

She lied to the families faces for politics

Hillary Clinton and Obama’s record should be the target of every GOP attack. They should not be attacking each other.

By attacking Carson, Trump gives the media the excuse they are looking for to ignore the smoking gun emails from Clinton. In the process, he tears down Carson and himself. Not many Republicans believe Carson is someone worthy of the kind of personal attacks Trump is known for.  But the media will devour it happily.  Anything to get the focus off Clinton and her exposed lying.  The media will dine all day long when Republicans are busy eating their own.  Trump should know this.

If Trump were to have gone on the attack against Clinton instead of Carson, he would have gained more GOP support and would have forced the media to focus on an issue they would rather ignore.  Trump is misreading the Iowa caucus goers as well as the media.  Not very Trump-like.
Which begs the question: Why doesn’t Donald Trump build GOP support by attacking Democrats? He’s certainly capable of it. He’s called Clinton the “worst Secretary of State in history.” Now, there is new substance to back the rhetoric and he turns his guns on Carson? That doesn’t smell right to me.  It’s disturbing because it appears that Trump has an overriding interest in promoting himself over the principles of the Republican party.

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