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This is the intro to War Room: Pandemic on Real America’s Voice.

I want to make a couple of points about this introduction.

First, whether you believe the Presidential election was fairly conducted or whether you believe it was stolen, it is simply un-American to not have the conversation allowing both sides of the argument to air their points of view.

It seems to me that working to silence dissenting opinions from the official results, constitutes a fascistic oppression of freedom of political speech.  In the interest of free expression, it is hardly relevant which side is speaking the truth because it is only through freedom of expression can we settle the issue.  Suppressing that expression does not settle the issue and only stokes more resentment.

As for the media’s contention that President Trump incited insurrection, there is simply no evidence of this.  In fact, the evidence points 180 degrees the other way, toward peaceful demonstrations.

The media has been totally and utterly irresponsible in the way they have reported during the Trump Presidency right throughout his entire term in office.  They have stoked anger.  They have dismissed that half of the country supporting the President.  They have dismissed their concerns routinely.  And now, they seem to think after four years of self-discrediting coverage, that the public will abandon their support of the only person in our national political experience who listened to and acted on their concerns?  I think not.

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