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Does anyone still remember the Journ-O-List? Back in 2008, a group of about 400-500 liberal news people, academics and pundits were part of a secret list serve organized by Ezra Klein.

Who is Ezra Klein? He’s a millennial Californian. A liberal graduate of UCLA, who considers himself a “journalist”. Those quotes are intentional because Klein isn’t a non-partisan journalist at all. The Journ-O-List was organized to promote the candidacy of Barack Obama by coordinating through its members positive coverage for Obama and negative coverage for John McCain and Republicans.

If you google the Journ-O-List you will find many articles trying to knock down allegations of deliberate and intentional bias on their part. It is notable, however, that there is evidence aplenty on the other side. The only reason these CYA articles were necessary is due to the fact that literally dozens of reputations and careers were rightly placed at risk. The unfortunate truth is, however, that former members of the Journ-O-List today, occupy many prominent positions in the media, having suffered no lasting damage to their careers at all. None of these people should be in the news business any longer posing as actual impartial reporters. They are the beating black heart of the left wing bias in today’s news media.

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