What does it take to be the Democratic nominee for the Presidency?  If the last two Democratic Presidents are any indication, you really need to be a profoundly dishonest person who can lie without batting an eye.


Resigned to Preserve the Honor of His OfficeRichard Nixon

Some people consider the Presidency of Richard Nixon to be the lowest point in Presidential honesty.  To be sure, Nixon played rough with his political foes and he did lie to the country about Watergate, but ultimately, Nixon admitted his error and resigned, which is an admission of guilt and an act of contrition that a couple of his Democrat successors lacked.  Nixon could have continued the fight.  He may have survived a Senate trial, but he was too much of a patriot to put the country through that agony.


Failed to Resign and Brought Dishonor to His Office

[su_youtube url=”” width=”200″ height=”120″]Bill Clinton set the standard for untruthfulness in a President, not Richard Nixon.  Bill Clinton lied under oath.  Defenders of Clinton focus on what he perjured himself over.  An irrelevant point.  Although Clinton survived the perjury charge in   his Senate trial, he was still disbarred over it.  Still, the damage to the Presidency as an institution was done because a sitting President was found to be lying under oath and even being guilty of  perjury.  That meant future Presidents could take liberties with the truth while under oath and also expect to get away with it.  And get away with it they did.

Never Held Accountable for Any of His Lies

obamaThe Presidency of Barack Obama has been marked by so many lies, to list them all here would divert attention from the topic under consideration.  Obama’s lies began with his promise to use public funding for his 2008 campaign.  The lies he will be most remembered for were his promises about Obamacare.  While Obama hasn’t been impeached or tried in the Senate, his lies have been far more consequential to the nation.


Now, another Clinton seeks the Presidency.  According to Pew Research, when voters are asked the first word that comes to mind when they hear the name Hillary Rodham Clinton, that word is “liar.”  The Hillary Chronicles will be a series of videos, showing some of her worst lie.  These are not exaggerations or embellishments.  These are lies:  words or phrases intended to deliberately mislead.  There are a great many of them.  And periodically, GreatVocalMajority will publish and build a video library of the lies of Hillary Clinton.

Here is the first installment:

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