The Forgotten Tobacco Wars

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Billions of dollars were committed by cigarette makers after they got caught covering up the risks of smoking. But what if you found out not a penny went to the actual victims? This week on Full Measure, we go back in time to an era in which the smoking culture dominated the American landscape. Even doctors told people it was good for them. How victims never got paid and why trials are quietly underway all these decades. 

We’ll Follow the Money when it comes to America’s government flood insurance program and some who say it may do more harm than good, encouraging risky decisions. Lisa Fletcher found one property in Texas that had 22 flood claims worth $2.5 million in 1979– eight times what the house is worth. She’ll dig into that for us.

And are some taxpayer supported state colleges favoring out of state students who are lesser qualified– because they can charge much higher tuition? 

Watch Full Measure Sunday. We’ll never waste your time rehashing stories you’ve already heard all week!

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