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At, we believe in the 1st Amendment. That means we believe the airing of popular opinions have as much a right to be heard as any other. That includes unpopular opinions, offensive opinions, wrong opinions, misleading opinions, even dangerous opinions. Who gets to decide what is popular, unpopular, offensive, wrong, misleading or dangerous? The government? An internet service provider? Or should individual American citizens, in an atmosphere of open dialogue, honesty and candidness, decide for themselves? Is that not freedom of speech?

If freedom of speech doesn’t also include the airing of ALL points of view, then what does it actually mean? It becomes reduced to meaninglessness.

With that in mind, greatvocalmajority makes no representations to the veracity of the video contained herein, “Plandemic 2020.” It has been included for public viewing on this website in the interest of an open and free dialogue because it is highly suspect when the powerful use that power to silence speech they have decided they do not like for ANY REASON.

The owners of has no idea whether the claims made in this video are true or not, but the owners of this site believe the claims made herein have every right to be heard by any American interested in hearing them. They can be refuted or supported based on evidence to serve as testimony to the truth because that’s the way we do things in America. No authority whether governmental or corporate has any right to decide what ought to be hidden from view. And with that, here is the video. My only advice is to remain skeptical of any claims made until you can either independently verify or refute them because what everyone should be seeking is THE TRUTH.

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