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Quite a number of Americans today have convinced themselves that President Trump is any number of terrible things. The words, “autocrat”, “tyrant”, “dictator” and more have been cavalierly tossed around. Trump has done nothing that would suggest any of those characterizations are true.

But the newest Democrat Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg is quite another matter. In a recent interview with Margaret Hoover of PBS’s Firing Line, Bloomberg expressed an extraordinary admiration for the leadership style of Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party.

One wonders what kind of President Bloomberg would be when he holds Xi Jinping in such high esteem. President Xi runs a country where at least a million people are in Nazi style concentration camps, where organs are harvested from living prisoners and where China alone is responsible for 1/3 of the word’s pollution. If you’re keeping score, that’s more than double what the USA is responsible for.

Part of the interview has been transcribed below, but here is the clip of the jaw dropping interview.

”The Chinese Communist Party wants to stay in power in China. And they listen to the public.”

—Michael Bloomberg on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover

“Xi Jinping is NOT a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.”

—Michael Bloomberg on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover

Margaret Hoover, the granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover, appearing incredulous, said “He’s not a dictator?” Then, in response, more gems of wisdom from Chairman Mike:

Chairman Mike: “No, he has to, he has a constituency that eh to to to uhh ehh umm ahhh answer to to.”

Hoover: “He doesn’t have a vote. He doesn’t have a democracy. He’s not held accountable by any voters. Is the check on him just a revolution?”

Chairman Mike: “That doesn’t mean he can survive. If his advisers gave him….You’re not going to have a revolution. No government survives without the will of the majority of its people. OK? It’s just…he has to deliver services. The Chinese Communist Party looks at Russia and they look for where the Communist Party is and they don’t find it anymore. And they don’t want that to happen.”

Hoover: I mean, the idea that the Chinese government is responsive to a sort of democratic expression of fresh air or clean air…”

Chairman Mike (interrupting): ”Oh, come on! Of course they are!”

Hoover: “I’m looking at the people in Hong Kong who are protesting and who are wondering if the Chinese government cares about what they have to say.”

Chairman Mike (with dripping condescension): “Go back and read the press the days you had big pollution in Beijing and they’re doing something about it. That’s ridiculous! The trouble is, you can’t overnight move cement plants and power plants that are just outside the city that are polluting the air and you have to have their product, so some of this takes time. And there’s always in government, even in governments not what we would call a democracy, the stakeholders who have a vested interest an they have an impact.”

Margaret Hoover and Michael Bloomberg on Firing Line.

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