NY Times Reportedly Has Audio of Donald Trump Softening His Immigration Stance

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Democrat rhetoric on illegal immigration

According to a report from Buzzfeed, Donald Trump softened his stance on illegal immigration during a conversation with The New York Times and audio of the moment exists.

Buzzfeed’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith reports that during Trump’s December editorial meeting, he went off-the-record to discuss his stance on illegal immigration. In the audio, which Smith says has “reached near-mythical status at the Times,” Trump supposedly says that his tough stance was just a starting point in negotiations, and he was actually flexible.

The Times released the audio of some of Trump’s interview earlier to counter his claim that they lied about his support for a 45% tariff. But that was part was on-the-record; the Times has refused Buzzfeed’s request to turn over the transcript or audio of his remarks on immigration.

There is some hope that that the audio may yet see the light of day if Trump okays it. “If he wants to call up and ask us to release this transcript, he’s free to do that and then we can decide what we would do,” Times editor Andrew Rosenthal told Smith.

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