In the age of the internet and social media, unlike any other time in our history, fame is a commodity being sought after, sometimes desperately, particularly by the young. Children are particularly vulnerable to this need because they are in the process of maturing and still developing into adults and trying to find themselves.


Many people use the recognition and validation for the purposes of monetization by selling a product. That is a legitimate use of recognition. The vast majority of adults looking for recognition and validation, however, do it for a more personal purpose: the simple satisfaction of talking to others of like mind.


The need for recognition and validation is not always benign. Thousands of young people have gotten into trouble when this need becomes an obsession. There are countless stories, many of them with tragic results.


Which brings me to how the media is exploiting this need in children in the wake of a shooting atrocity. These children have been traumatized and are being used by anti-gun leftists in the media.


We know with absolute certainty that the news media is almost universally hostile to gun ownership, the NRA and the 2nd Amendment. We also know with certainty that the news media likes using victims as spokespeople because being a victim means you’re insulated from critical scrutiny. As a victim spokesman, any erroneous claim or falsehood will be allowed to pass without comment, criticism or refutation because to do so, would be construed as victimizing the victim again. It is a way to set unfair terms in a public debate that needs to be based in facts, not emotions.


I am getting a little sick and tired of the way the anti-gun media, under the guise of “giving a voice to the children” is elevating their public profiles to fulfill an anti-gun political agenda.


This is a hideous form of exploitation

They exploit young, articulate teenagers to make all kinds of claims, most of which are without any basis in fact. Mind you, they are doing this with the consent of their parents, which becomes a whole other discussion.


These children have obviously been coached to make political statements, while at the same time declaring “it’s not about politics.” They are encouraged to make the most inflammatory claims against the NRA, law abiding gun owners and anyone who stands up for the right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment. Claims that have no basis in fact.


The saddest reality of all is the position being advanced by these youngsters will do nothing to prevent mass shootings WHATSOEVER! Even if a federal law were passed, banning all firearms of all kinds, the Nikolas Cruz’s of the world would still manage to find a weapon to kill people just like he did. Gun banning is a fantasy and a dangerous one.


Consider the argument from the gun-banning left in the aftermath of Parkland: Make the government responsible to protect you by denying anyone the right to have a firearm, even though that government failed at every step of the way, and at every level in Parkland. The argument doesn’t make any sense at all.


This is an outrageous and disgusting abuse of children.


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