Manafort: 'Never any doubt' that Pence was VP pick

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Donald Trump’s campaign chair sought to counter reports that the presumptive Republican nominee had attempted to change his mind about his running mate selection hours before announcing he had settled on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

“There was never any doubt on Thursday night,” Paul Manafort said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

Manafort said Donald Trump had wavered only on the timing of the announcement, not the identity of the person who would be announced, in the wake of a gruesome terror attack in France. “I know that the details we were talking about on Thursday night were moving the announcement and what was going on in the world,” Manafort said.

Faced with questions about Pence’s past statements, some of which conflict with Trump’s positions, Manafort said Trump’s running mate agrees with the presumptive presidential nominee where it counts.

“This team is not going to see eye to eye on everything,” Manafort said.

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07/17/16 8:25 AM

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