Jake Tapper Corners Sanders on the Recent Acts of Violence Shown by His Followers

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During the Democratic Town Hall Sunday night, CNN moderator Jake Tapper pressed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the topic of his passionate followers, some of whom have shown their strong political allegiance with displays of aggression. With many comparisons drawn between the candidacies — and followers — of Sanders and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, the issue of aggressive political passion has become more heated than at any other point in this election.

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Tapper preempted a question by noting that he was looking to play devil’s advocate on a point regarding the the differences between Sanders supporters and those of Trump. “Some of your supporters in Chicago were acting violently as well, and I have to say — the guy who rushed the stage yesterday at Donald Trump voted for you,” said Tapper. That protestor — Tommy DiMassino of Dayton, Ohio — was caught on film abrasively rushing the stage towards Trump at an event Saturday before being subdues by Secret Service agents.

“Millions of people voted for me. If I have to take responsibility for everybody who voted for me it would be a very difficult life,” the Democratic candidate responded to a laugh from the crowd.

“I never have — and never will — condone violence,” Sanders continued. “[But] people have a right to protest.” A Trump event in Chicago was canceled on Friday after violence broke out between supporters and protestors of the real estate mogul and his controversial political rhetoric.

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