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“Saturday Night Live” – known for its biting satire of President Trump – took on gun control, paid tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, spoofed OJ Simpson getting out of prison and remembered rocker Tom Petty during Saturday’s night’s show – but not a peep about the sex scandal involving Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Social media users quickly called out the show’s hypocrisy.

“Why didn’t big mouth Michael Che’ say anything about Harvey Weinstein on SNL “Weekend Update”? He’s got so much opinion about everything else ,” Pastor Darrell Scott, a Trump supporter, posted on Twitter.

ESPN columnist Buster Olney called the show “gutless.”

“SNL with nothing on Weinstein? Gutless .” he posted early Saturday.

SNL creator Lorne Michaels said they decided not to go after Weinstein because he’s from New York.

‘It’s a New York thing,” he told The Daily Mail about Weinstein, who was born in Queens.

Gal Gadot, the star of “Wonder Woman,” hosted the show – which has unmercifully mocked Trump, who is also a Queens guy – by remembering the 58 people killed and hundreds wounded in the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Later, country singer Jason Aldean, who was on stage during the open-air concert when the long gunman opened fire on the crowd, sang “Won’t Back Down” in tribute to Petty who died last Monday.

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