Is Helping ISIS in the US Interest?

Isis - would it serve American Interests to arm them?

Let’s state a few accepted truths at the outset:

  1. The terror group ISIS is a blood soaked group of medieval murderers.
  2. ISIS is responsible for committing countless atrocities against innocent and defenseless people.
  3. ISIS is a mortal enemy of the United States and civil societies everywhere.

Now, having stipulated that, let’s ask a provocative question:


Right now, because of Obama’s incredibly stupid policy of middle eastern disengagement as a concession to both Iran and Russia, the United States has seen its influence evaporate.  Alarmingly, Russia and Putin seem overjoyed at the opportunity to fill the void left by America.  Obama’s gross miscalculation was that ISIS posed as great a threat to Russian interests as American interests and the US could expect Putin’s Russia to be as motivated to liquidate ISIS as the US.  Instead, Russia is attacking Syrian rebels opposed to their client, Assad.  Attempts by the US to field a Syrian rebel force have failed and are unworthy of something one would expect from the world’s only superpower.  The US has no effective proxy against Russia and Assad in the Syrian rebels.  The only force present, with any military capability strong enough to stymie Russia and Assad is ISIS.

Therefore, as a way to discourage the Russians from broadening their influence in the region, some strategists might actually believe the only way to set back Russia and Assad, would be to arm ISIS.  But none of this would be necessary, if Obama left a force in Iraq to maintain stability.  The United States now finds itself in the unenviable position of having a commonality of interests with barbarians.  If history is any guide, the United States is, at some level, providing aid to the ISIS barbarians.

This illustrates why you cannot have a President without any understanding or experience in foreign affairs.  Especially one who ignores his advisers.

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