Hillary Clinton Will Go Down in Flames


Joe DeGenova is an American hero and patriot.  This video is 20 months old.  In it, DeGenova explains why the Benghazi investigations took so long and got nowhere until the Special Committee chaired by Trey Gowdy was formed.  DeGenova furiously excoriates the Republican chairmen of three of the committees investigating Benghazi:

  • House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Rep. Ed Royce
  • House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Rep. Buck McKeon
  • House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Rodgers

How did this occur?  House Speaker John Boehner just didn’t have the fortitude to push the political concerns and aspirations of these GOP chairmen aside in the interests of finding the truth about Benghazi.  John Boehner did eventually see fit to form the Special Committee, but he has plenty to answer for along with these three former committee chairmen.

Boehner, Royce, McKeon and Rodgers are responsible for and have given credence to the charge by Democrats that the Benghazi hearings were political.

DeGenova was interviewed by Laura Ingraham about 3 weeks ago, on January 6th.  DeGenova, who is a well connected Washington attorney, who was able to correctly predict the outcome of both Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare’s constitutionality.  Here, he predicts where the FBI investigation will go.

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