The Ultimate Hypocrite

Mitt Romney

Evidently, Mr. Romney has yet to learn of the invention of recorded video.

This is a naked display of disgusting hypocrisy.  By showing such rank hypocrisy, Mitt Romney revealed just how contemptuous of voters the entrenched power inside the Republican establishment is.  How could Mitt Romney go from praising Trump in 2012 to denouncing him like this just four years later?  Romney looks like an ass doing this.  What kind of hold does the GOP establishment have on him that he would go out and discredit himself in this way.  Mitt Romney just undermined any credibility he may have had with this speech.

This speech is going to act as a boomerang and increase support for Trump and quite possibly, Ted Cruz.  Since they are both despised by the GOP insiders, Romney’s cynical speech will just underscore the fact that Trump and Cruz are disliked because they are not controlled.  Many once believed Mitt Romney was better than this.  Today, we learned he isn’t.  Not at all.

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