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The upshot of this interview is that coronavirus will become a pandemic. Not mentioned in this video is the outlook of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is forecasting potential infection of 60% of the world’s population of 7.8 billion. That works out to 4.7 billion people infected potentially and with a fatality rate of 15%, a potential death toll of an astounding 700 million. That would be more than 10 times the death toll from the Spanish Flu of a century ago. Of course, this is a worst case scenario and is by no means a certainty.

What is of greater concern is how this virus got started to begin with. The rest of the world is getting a taste of what the future will be like as long as the Chinese Communists are in power and China remains an authoritarian dictatorship more concerned about maintaining its stranglehold on power rather than the health and welfare of its own people or even the rest of the world’s population. China is not ready to be a first world country.

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Let there be no doubt, in this interview, Pelosi admits she pulled a stunt to get media attention! It’s not as if the Speaker of the House has trouble getting media attention. What a piece of work this woman is. Clearly she is still stung so badly by that dumb move, she thinks she needs to continue to devise new ways of defending it.

Listen to her spin that disgraceful behavior during the State of the Union. Keep in mind, Speakers of the House never behaved so shamefully even during all the rancor and division leading up to the Civil War. It wasn’t until Nancy Pelosi was Speaker and getting beaten to the punch politically by a political novice, Donald Trump, did she decide she had to pull a temper tantrum/stunt.

The interview clip is nonetheless informative in some ways.
>>We learned she’s a “speed reader”. Yeah sure.
>>She wasn’t pre-tearing the document, she was creating niches on the pages that contained lies for later reference. Uh-huh. Of course! and all the lies just happened to be right in the middle of each page, just where you’d need it to be if you actually just wanted to rip it up as part of a stunt!

Are there really Americans who buy any of her garbage anymore?
Pelosi is corrupt. She’s part of the problem in Washington politics. She isn’t part of the solution. She needs to go. She’s almost 80. She needs to go anyway. How many people do you know who are 80 and still working? Time’s up San Fran Granny Nan! Step aside and let one of the young socialists take over so the Democrat Party can be obliterated off the face of American politics once and for all.

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Mayor Peter Buttigieg, speaking before a largely black audience pandered to racial fears by saying “nobody is experiencing the pain of living under this President more than black Americans.” It’s an odd claim to make since Black unemployment is lower than it’s ever been since records have been kept, nearly 50 years. The black poverty rate is also lower than it’s been in the last 18 years. Rather than suffering, President Trump’s policies appear to be serving the black community.

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This video is an example of how the left creates issues by controversializing things that aren’t controversial. Racial and ethnic categories on the US Census generally follow the groups listed as protected classes in the law. The anti-Semitic Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib is arguing for the inclusion of Middle Eastern and North African people on the Census even though they are not a protected class and comprise only about 3% of all Americans. Of that number, Arab Americans like Tlaib only comprise less than 1% of Americans. The issue is not controversial because Middle Eastern and North African people have the ability to write in their category, if they so desire. Tlaib is hoping to make an inroad so that she can create a new protected class in the law that confers both protections, but also advantages.

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To Fully Comprehend Trump, an Insight Into the Jargon of NYC’s Inner Boroughs

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This post was originally published on this site

For four years, polling has documented that the president’s strongest support demographic is America’s Orthodox Jews. The support runs between 70 percent in radical Los Angeles to 90 percent most everywhere else. This has been documented here and here and here and here and here. Although much of that support stems from a deep affinity with his stands on the whole gamut of traditional American cultural and social issues, an underestimated factor is that community’s natural acquaintance with Borscht Belt humor. Those who “get” that humor know precisely how to understand Trump, what to take seriously, what to brush off, and what deeper messages to take away from his speeches and tweets. Those who do not get the style and nuance end up completely misunderstanding him and then attacking him for communicating thoughts he never contemplated.

As is manifest from Trump’s yuuuuge crowds from Alabama to Iowa to everywhere else he goes, one does not have to be from 1950s Borscht Belt New York or of Orthodox Jewish orientation to “get” him. All it takes is an open mind and a sense of humor from a time in the not-so-distant past when people could joke about things and could say ridiculous and absurd things without being taken so literally and without being hunted down by the PC police.

  1. Da Way New Yawkuhs Tawk and Use Expressions Figuratively — While Trump’s Enemies Aim to Destroy Him by Taking Him Literally

Trump comes out of New York City’s inner boroughs, mostly Queens with a good dollop of Brooklyn. Born in 1946, he is a child of that milieu circa 1950s and 1960s. His language, his syntax, his pronunciation is pure BQE — straight out of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Although born to wealth and now even more wealthy, he also associates with construction workers at his projects, with “common people,” and naturally talks their talk. Like people on the assembly line and in union jobs, vocational workers and even white-collar stiffs who have become successful in life without suddenly taking themselves too seriously, he occasionally is off-color and barely realizes it. That was evident, for example, during the years of The Apprentice.

Much of that speech pattern derives from his father’s and his own lifelong associations with Jews who come out of the same boroughs. It is not only that he does not pronounce the “h” in “huge.” It is his lexicon, his tempo. He is pure Inner Borough. He will not carry today’s New York State, but do not doubt for a moment that he could fill Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium together with wildly cheering supporters if he wanted. It just would be a waste of his campaign time and money to do so because of the nature of the electoral college rules.

The first real blow-up during his presidential campaign that derived from his Inner Borough style of tawking came when Trump stated that Hillary Clinton got schlongged by Obama in the 2008 Democrat contest for the presidential nomination. He absolutely was correct: she got schlongged by Obama. For those of us who grew up in Brooklyn and Queens in the 1950s and 1960s, we understood exactly what he meant, and we were absolutely dumbfounded when the Corrupt Journalist Corps erupted the next day and accused him of using profanity and a vile sexual epithet manifesting sexism and gender bias. Huh? We did not know what in the world they were talking about. In Brooklyn parlance, if the Mets lost a baseball game by a wide margin, the next day in school we would say they got schlongged. If someone could not get a fair trade-in price when selling his used car back to the dealership, he had gotten schlongged.

That’s what “schlongged” meant to naifs like us. It meant that they got “made into mincemeat” (another inner-borough expression even though none of us knew what mincemeat was). And what we American second-generation kids all had in common then with the Trump of 50 years later is that we all did not actually understand Yiddish because all our parents spoke English at home, but we all grew up in an environment where so many immigrants around us still spoke Yiddish that we unconsciously incorporated maybe a hundred descriptive Yiddish words into our American English lexicon because those words are so flavorful. Trump, like us — and we, like Trump — did not know what the words literally translated as meaning, only how they commonly were used for impact. It is akin to a non-Anglophonic newcomer to America who teaches himself by learning all the words to West Side Story, including the lyrics to “I Feel Pretty,” and then expresses his happiness to people by regularly saying “I am gay.”

Thanks to the Corrupt Journalist Corps, the bits of Yiddish from my boyhood were blown out of context when the media frenzy to attack Trump went into overdrive, reporting that the word refers to the male reproductive organ. I had no idea that all my yeshiva classmates and I, throughout our teens, had been castigating the Mets (until the Miracle of 1969) as having been assaulted regularly by male genitalia. Waddyaknow — go figure!

Amid the “Hillary got schlongged” national media circus, I got “curiouser” so I looked up the word in my 826-page Comprehensive English–Yiddish Dictionary. It turns out that the word literally means “snake.” Der schlahng means “the snake.” Schlenglen zikh means to “snake around” (whatever that means). A snakebite is a schlahnggenbiss. A snake charmer is a schlahnggenfarkishuffer. (Kishuff is magic.) Well, now it all comes together: the structural dimensions of a snake, the structural dimensions of the male reproductive organ, and I guess “schlongged” was adopted as a vulgarity by those who actually knew what they were saying. But we did not know its literal meaning, and neither did Trump.

The thing is this: words take on a life of their own. Talk to a millennial today about how you got the last box of Cocoa Krispies on the grocery shelf, and the response is, “Awesome!” But really, not all that long ago, “awesome” meant something evocative of awe. A gorgeous sunrise. A baptism. In Judaism, the holiest days of the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah (the two-day New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), are known as the “Days of Awe.”

Or take “hook up.” My then-college-age son once accompanied me to attend a session of a course I teach at law school. Amid the lecture, a female student asked a question, and I answered her. Apparently, my answer was not clear to her, and she asked me to repeat it, which I did. For whatever reason, she still did not grasp the concept and asked me a third time. I am deeply solicitous of my students, but I did not want to consume more class time on a third-go-round, and I realized I would need to offer her a much more extended explanation, so I innocently said, “Tell you what. Let me proceed now, and we can hook up after class.” There was a hush in the classroom. On the drive home, I learned from my son that “hook up” no longer means what it did in an era when American culture was less coarse.

In the same way, there was no way on Earth that Trump, when describing how Obama had crushed Hillary into mincemeat, was using the word schlongged in a vulgar way. If Donald John Trump has demonstrated anything to the American public, it has been that he lacks no dictionary skills in articulating vulgarity in the Queen’s English — or, to be more accurate, in the Borough of Queens English. He simply used a Yiddishism that was current all around him to convey a trouncing. That was the earliest sign that the Left and their Corrupt Journalist Corps would stop at nothing to twist his every word. To really understand what Trump is saying — not only his meaning but his deeper intent — it really helps to know the lingua franca of New York City’s inner boroughs and its accompanying “Catskills humor.”

  1. Da Bawsht Belt

There is a certain kind of humor that is associated with the 1950s “Borscht Belt” of resort hotels that dotted the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York in that era. Long before there was “Sandals” or “Beaches,” there was the Concord and Grossingers, the Pioneer and Kutshers. We Orthodox Jews, restricted to kosher food, went there because that was the only place in those days where we could get gourmet kosher food while vacationing. Those places brought in comedians for entertainment. Ah, the kibbitzers! Although the subject requires a book, one key to Jewish humor is that it blends irony with a clever but bluntly outrageous comment that the listener never saw coming and cannot believe he just heard — yet the surprise has to be clever. We developed comedy as a defense mechanism because, after all the persecutions, pogroms, and holocausts, we were left with either of two choices: either go through life like Greta Thunberg, angry at everyone and blaming everyone for everything — or just suck it up, “deal with it,” move on, and make new friends. If you “get” New York Jewish humor (think: Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Jackie Mason, Neil Simon), you can have a good healthy laugh. But if you do not get it, then you are left perplexed as to why someone would say something so outrageous and incomprehensible. That latter concern is why, for example, Jerry Seinfeld no longer will do college gigs for “woke” snowflakes in today’s cancel culture. They take the absurdity so literally and then proceed onto social media to destroy the comedian. One errs by interpreting his outrageous punchlines seriously or literally.

I offer a personal example: Having attended yeshiva schools and having initially been a rabbi and organizational executive at national Jewish organizations through the first part of my life’s career path, I never had worked in a mostly non-Jewish environment until I started practicing law at Jones Day, an internationally prominent firm. Suddenly I was in the midst of people who spend their every Friday late afternoon at a bar, their weekends hunting for deer or possum or whatever they shoot for fun besides home invaders, and who put mayonnaise on deli and then make sandwiches of that with white bread. (Jews use mustard and rye bread, and the only possum I know of is the late George Jones.) One day, the litigation partner who had been heading a team on which I was assigned asked whether I was feeling OK. He noted (correctly) that he had been assigning me to daily 15-hour workloads for the prior three weeks. I replied with a broad smile, “Actually, every day when I come into the office I feel like I am with my closest family!” He smiled, reassured. And then I added, “The thing is, I absolutely hate my closest family!”

A few hours later I got a visit from the managing partner of the Los Angeles office: “Dov, I understand that you are having certain personal family problems. I want you to know that we have an Employee Assistance Program if you need to see a therapist. Just call this number. It will be kept completely confidential.” That was thoughtful but was my first exposure to the perils of exercising New York Jewish humor in an environment of people who eat pastrami-with-mayonnaise on white bread when they are not hunting in the woods for it. And that is Trump’s yu-u-u-ge peril, because Trump is an ethnic New Yorker from the inner boroughs who, if he had not gone into real estate, could have knocked ’em dead on the Borscht Belt circuit. When Trump says “Maybe I will run for a third term,” we totally get him (and ruefully wish he were serious!), but the Corrupt Journalist Corps go into heart palpitations expecting that he literally will suspend the 22nd Amendment. When Trump says, “I don’t know, maybe I will ask Vladimir Putin to check Hillary’s server and let me know what’s in it,” we react by laughing at the clever and ironic meshing of themes: (i) Hillary has the illegal server with the 33,000 emails including some of top-secret national security, and (ii) because she left it cyber-hackable alongside her toilet at home, the Russians and Putin probably have all those emails. But the Corrupt Journalist Corps demanded his impeachment for “soliciting Russian interference” — they actually took him literally. As though he actually were asking Russians to interfere with our elections, just as Hillary did when she paid Perkins Coie who paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele to get dirt from the Russians. But Trump was just kidding.

Idiots. If he really wanted to mess up an election, why bother Putin when the Democrats mess them up so much better?

  1. Trump’s Backers Take His Promises Literally But Not His Words, While His Haters Take His Words Literally But Not His Promises

Trump is a marketer, a showman, a kibbitzer. When he does a rally of 25,000 people, it is America’s last redoubt of the Catskills memory mixed with the “Best of Johnny Carson.” Anything goes — because he is entertaining the crowd and kibbitzing, not merely campaigning. When he makes up stories — and he makes up plenty of them — it is not like Biden plagiarizing someone else’s biography as his own or Hillary, who consciously cannot stop lying. Hillary was not named for Sir Edmund Hillary, did not land in Bosnia amid gunfire, etc. Her life is one lie after another, and she is not kidding but is dead-serious. Biden even fabricates acts of personal courage like that bizarre falsehood about how he supposedly risked his life to give a medal to a hero in Afghanistan. Biden a hero? Aw, c’mon, man! Joe,“You’re a damn liar, man!

The thing is, when those liars tell their stories, they expect to be believed. Their falsehood is meant literally, like fraudulently presenting a falsified résumé for a job application. By contrast, Trump speaks in bombast and puffery. The crowd knows it just as we know that Henny Youngman never actually was inviting anyone to take his wife. Please! We get that Trump’s stories are metaphors and schmaltz-flavored Aesop’s Fables aimed at conveying deeper messages while also getting laughs. The hyperbolized anecdotal details do not matter; rather, the moral of the story is his purpose. That is why he attracts 25,000 to a speech, with another 10,000 waiting outside in the rain, while Kamala Harris down the block would attract maybe 16 people per speech after her initial roll-out, with Kirsten Gillibrand pathetically having to go to gay bars wearing a T-shirt that says “Love Is Brave” and shouting “Gay rights!” to get people to notice her.

We all know Trump’s flaws and sometimes roll our eyes. But we love him anyway because he is the best kind of New Yorker and thus now is a New York expatriate: real, straightforward, a bit in-your-face but with a good heart if not attacked, takes no baloney, fires people who are disloyal or who simply demonstrate that they cannot get the job done, outrageous at the great peril of being misinterpreted by those who do not get it.

And best of all: When, all kidding aside, President Trump makes a serious promise, you can disregard the surrounding bombast and exaggerations while knowing that, unlike any other politician in our lifetimes, he will do everything he humanly can, within the constraints of the American Constitution’s checks and balances, even amid non-stop enemy fire, to keep his word and get it done.


Dov Fischer
Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq., a high-stakes litigation attorney of more than twenty-five years and an adjunct professor of law of more than fifteen years, is rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California. His legal career has included serving as Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerking for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and then litigating at three of America’s most prominent law firms: JonesDay, Akin Gump, and Baker & Hostetler. In his rabbinical career, Rabbi Fischer has served several terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, is Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, has been Vice President of Zionist Organization of America, and has served on regional boards of the American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brith Hillel, and several others. His writings on contemporary political issues have appeared over the years in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Jerusalem Post, National Review, American Greatness, The Weekly Standard, and in Jewish media in American and in Israel. A winner of an American Jurisprudence Award in Professional Legal Ethics, Rabbi Fischer also is the author of two books, including General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine, which covered the Israeli General’s 1980s landmark libel suit.


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1For potentially ignoring court orders on his travel ban02/01/2017MSNBCJoaquin Castro
2Because “we have to”02/06/2017GrabienMaxine Waters
3For “creating chaos and division”02/06/2017CNNMaxine Waters
4For potentially supplying damaging information02/20/2017MSNBCJerry Nadler
5For trying to “undermine Hillary Clinton and therefore undermine our democracy”03/23/2017GrabienMaxine Waters
6Because his “motives and actions are contemptible”04/15/2017NTK NetworkMaxine Waters
7For “collusion”05/11/2017MSNBCMaxine Waters
8Because “he regards himself as above the law”05/14/2017ABCLawrence Tribe
9For firing Comey05/15/2017MSNBCAl Green
10For allegedly disclosing classified info to Russia05/16/2017The Washington Free BeaconMaxine Waters
11For Comey saying Trump asked him to drop Flynn probe05/17/2017MSNBCJerry Nadler
12For being “mentally unstable”05/22/2017MSNBCRon Reagan
13Because they’ve been able to “connect the dots”05/28/2017MSNBCMaxine Waters
14Because “a plurality of polls” supports it06/07/2017ABC NewsAl Green
15For being “abnormal” and possibly “crazy”07/07/2017NTK NetworkMaxine Waters
16For banning transgenders from serving in the military10/11/2017GrabienAl Green
17For “disrespecting and disparaging women”10/11/2017CSPANAl Green
18For saying NFL athletes should stand for the national anthem10/19/2017CSPANAl Green
19For being “friends” with Putin10/24/2017CNNMaxine Waters
20For being “a clear and present danger” to Americans10/25/2017MSNBCTom Steyer
21For “putting the health and safety of Americans at risk”10/28/2017MSNBCTom Steyer
22For being an “inciter” of “ethnocentrism”11/08/2017CSPANAl Green
23For promoting “xenophobia”11/08/2017CSPANAl Green
24For inciting “bigotry”11/08/2017CSPANAl Green
25For being an “inciter” of “hatred”11/08/2017CSPANAl Green
26For “undermining the federal judiciary”11/15/2017GrabienSteve Cohen
27For mocking a disabled journalist11/16/2017BloombergMaxine Waters
28For the “Access Hollywood” tape11/16/2017BloombergMaxine Waters
29For “threatening the media”11/18/2017MSNBCJohn Yarmuth
30For “taking money from foreign governments”11/26/2017CNNTom Steyer
31For “dereliction of duty”12/03/2017MSNBCTed Lieu
32For being incompetent12/04/2017MSNBCEzra Klein
33For bringing “dishonor” upon the United States12/06/2017CSPANAl Green
34For being “psychologically deranged”12/16/2017MSNBCRichard Painter
35For being “racist, sexist, and Islamaphobic”12/30/2017MSNBCAnushay Hossain
36For not believing in the Constitution12/30/2017MSNBCKarine Jean-Pierre
37For being “unfit” for office01/08/2018MSNBCTom Steyer
38For saying some countries are “shitholes”01/14/2018MSNBCAl Green
39For his aides talking to Russians01/26/2018CNNCory Booker
40For urging Sessions to investigate Hillary02/28/2018MSNBCChris Hayes
41For not being respectful03/04/2018MSNBCMaxine Waters
42For being “the most dangerous president in American history”03/05/2018MSNBCTom Perez
43For name calling03/12/2018MSNBCMaxine Waters
44For A.G. Sessions firing Andrew McCabe03/16/2018MSNBCDanny Cevallos
45For violating the “emoluments clause”03/20/2018MSNBCTom Steyer
46For possibly considering “firing” Mueller03/23/2018CNNTed Lieu
47For being “unwilling to make it clear” Russians can’t hack America’s “critical infrastructure”03/26/2018MSNBCJohn Garamendi
48For being “unworthy” and “despicable”03/27/2018MSNBCMaxine Waters
49Because “we have the grounds to do it”06/27/2018CNNAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez
50For staffing Trump Tower with park rangers01/16/2019MSNBCRashida Tlaib
51For the BuzzFeed report on Cohen01/18/2019MSNBCEugene Robinson
52For the “so many things” he has done01/20/2019MSNBCMaxine Waters
53Because Virginia’s governor wore blackface02/08/2019CSPANAl Green
54To prevent his re-election05/04/2019MSNBCAl Green
55Because the “system of checks and balances is at risk”05/15/2019C-SPANAl Green
56To prevent a “monarchy”05/15/2019C-SPANAl Green
57For not releasing his tax returns05/16/2019Campaign AdTom Steyer
58To put a “stain” on his presidency05/25/2019MSNBCKarine Jean-Pierre
59Because it’s “critical to our national security”05/27/2019MSNBCRichard Painter
60Because it would be “crazy not to do it”05/30/2019CNNJohn Hickenlooper
61In order to “set a precedent” for future presidents06/01/2019MSNBCKarine Jean-Pierre
62Because we have a “moral obligation”06/02/2019CNNCory Booker
63Because it will help “educate” and “inform” the American public06/03/2019MSNBCMike Quigley
64Because the president “is leaving us no choice”06/04/2019CNNDan Kildee
65Because it’s our “constitutional duty” to “have this debate”06/08/2019MSNBCSeth Moulton
66For failing to “produce evidence”06/10/2019CNNSteve Cohen
67For saying the press is the “enemy of the people”06/10/2019CNNSteve Cohen
68For saying he’d take “dirt” on rivals from foreigners06/13/2019CNNSteve Cohen
69For Kellyanne Conway’s alleged Hatch Act violation06/14/2019MSNBCRichard Painter
70To ensure Robert Mueller’s work is continued06/19/2019NTK NetworkKatie Porter
71For being “above the law”07/11/2019C-SPANAl Green
72For “inhumane” conditions at the border07/15/2019MSNBCRashida Tlaib
73For “high crimes and misdemeanors”07/15/2019MSNBCIlhan Omar
74For administration officials defying congressional subpoenas07/16/2019C-SPANAnn Kirkpatrick
75For saying fellow Americans should “go back to other countries”07/17/2019C-SPANAl Green
76For Trump crowd’s “send her back” chant07/18/2019CNNAl Green
77For attacks on the judiciary07/19/2019MSNBCSteve Cohen
78Because we’re in a “constitutional crisis”07/25/2019C-SPANAl Green
79For offering to host G7 summit at Doral08/31/2019MSNBCHouse Judiciary Committee
80For influencing the decision of the new FBI building’s location08/31/2019MSNBCMike Quigley
81For publicising his own assets08/31/2019MSNBCMike Quigley
82For suggesting a company for Army Corps to award wall production contract08/31/2019MSNBCRichard Painter
83For talking like Hitler08/31/2019MSNBCRichard Painter
84Because every new impeachable offense makes it harder to take action08/31/2019MSNBCDavid Cicilline
85To ensure “our democracy” is “saved”09/10/2019MSNBCAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez
86For investigating Hunter Biden09/22/2019CNNAdam Schiff
87For “hijacking” American foreign policy09/23/2019MSNBCChris Hayes
88For betraying his oath of office09/24/2019PoliticoNancy Pelosi
89For “coercing” a foreign government09/25/2019MSNBCMatthew Miller
90For “extorting” a foreign government09/25/2019MSNBCMatthew Miller
91For having a telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine09/26/2019CNNMaxine Waters
92For “intimidating” the whistleblower10/01/2019ABCJon Karl
93For Kurt Volker’s text messages with Ukraine10/04/2019CNNJim Himes
94For being a “traitor”10/06/2019CNNJoe Walsh
95For blocking US ambassador to EU from testifying10/08/2019Washington ExaminerAdam Schiff
96For likening impeachment to “lynching”10/22/2019CSPANAl Green
97For pronouncing November ‘National American History and Founders Month’11/05/2019TwitterRashida Tlaib
98For “intimidation” of witness Yovanovitch with tweets11/15/2019CNNEric Swalwell
99For ‘trying to use the court system’11/22/2019Washington Free BeaconPramila Jayapal
100For joking about shooting someone on 5th Avenue12/17/2019GrabienNorma Torres
101For involvement in Roger Stone/DOJ “controversy”02/12/2020The Right ScoopEric Swalwell

Republished with permission

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Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted To Jail Conservative Journalist For Exposing Juror Bias

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This post was originally published on this site

Several months ago, during the early days of Roger Stone’s trial, the prosecution and defense teams were busy fighting over what jurors would end up making the final cut for the official jury pool and alternates. Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has ruled against every conservative figure or cause that has ever come before her court, would routinely ignore the concerns of Stone’s defense team about juror bias.

Judge Jackson didn’t care that potential jurors had political backgrounds or had given inappropriate and extremely biased answers in their jury questionnaires.

In fact, Judge Jackson agreed with prosecutors to remove a potential juror because she had at one point, nearly three decades ago, held a small role in the Ronald Reagan for President campaign. Politics would not be allowed in her courtroom, Judge Amy Berman Jackson proclaimed.

However, when it was revealed that a potential juror had served in a high-level communications role within President Barack Obama’s administration, objections and questions about bias from Stone’s legal team were laughed off, by both the judge and prosecutors. You see, if a potential juror showed bias against conservatives, Judge Amy Berman Jackson declared that their prior service to an administration or political cause, even if it was that of a far-left socialist like Barack Obama, was not sufficient evidence to bar them from serving on the jury. It was at this moment, that this Gateway Pundit reporter joined Alex Jones on Infowars to sound the alarm.

A high-level Obama communications director with a documented past involvement with the far left was being considered as a prime candidate to make the final cut for jury in Roger Stone’s trial. We all already know that nearly 91% of the District of Columbia voted for Hillary, so the notion of Stone being judged by a jury of his peers was pretty much out the window, but it was hard to believe that the Judge and prosecutors would be so blatant in their advocacy of selecting highly-partisan jurors.

This interview went viral and the mainstream media and Democrats went insane. They claimed that we were threatening the safety of the juror and the sanctity of the trial, never mind that we never mentioned the name of the juror or any other information that could lead to them being harmed. In fact, mainstream media reporters had already tweeted far more personal information about the juror. However, this did not stop corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson and the Mueller prosecution team from doing something unheard of and drastic. Before court the next day, I was informed by several sources that Judge Amy had issued a sealed order of contempt for this Gateway Pundit reporter, there was even talk of having me detained for trying to “intimidate potential jurors” through my reporting.

This is the first time that this Gateway Pundit reporter has gone on record discussing that shocking moment.

Why take such Hitlerian action against a journalist? Discussion about this potential juror was all over Twitter, with commentary from far more high-profile reporters having been retweeted dozens, if not hundreds of times. Their commentary was not critical, nor did it raise questions about the bias of the trial and jury pool.

Roger Stone Juror Outs Himself as Hard Core Leftist After Trial and Before Sentencing, Proves Poisoned Jury Pool Theory

We know now, through an exclusive report from TGP several months ago, that one of the lead jurors was a top-level donor to Beto O’Rourke. Seth Cousins, who outed himself shortly after Stone’s guilty verdict, was clearly not examined thoroughly enough by Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson or prosecutors were allowed to stack the deck with the judge’s approval. How did Mr. Cousins respond to his jury questionnaire? How much bias did he show? We will never know unless those records are unsealed by the court.

And just recently, as the Mueller infested prosecution team resigned from the case in a toddler’esque temper tantrum after the DOJ rejected their harsh sentencing requirement of 9 years, Stone jury foreman Tomeka Hart outed herself to stand in solidarity with the prosecutors and defend the verdict reached by the jury. In doing so, just like the previous juror Seth Cousins, Ms. Hart had exposed herself to public scrutiny.

BREAKING: FOURTH Mueller Prosecutor Resigns From Roger Stone Case After DOJ Backs Down From Excessive Sentencing

That scrutiny revealed that she was even more biased than Mr. Cousins. It proved that she had lied on her jury questionnaire, committing perjury on numerous occasions. It also proved that she mocked the arrest of Roger Stone in January of 2019, which has been widely decried for using the same amount of force law enforcement agencies have utilized in apprehending drug-kingpins like Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. Hart was also a far-left candidate for congress several elections ago and serves in a high-level role within the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a known front for globalist ideals and far-left social projects. Just one of these items should have been red flags that kept her from serving on the jury.

Roger Stone Lead Juror Testified She Had No Bias Against Him – But She Attacked Roger Stone on Twitter Shortly After He Was Arrested!

Thank you to journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich for digging up the dirt on Tomeka Hart. Can you imagine what else we could find if we knew the names of the remaining jurors and how they responded to the jury questionnaire?

This finally helps us understand why corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson would want to have this Gateway Pundit reporter arrested for exposing bias in the jury pool. They already had a rigged trial by getting to select the jury from 99.99% Democrat DC residents, yet they wanted to get the most extreme left-wing activists to make sure the verdict returned guilty. Not one single Republican was allowed on the jury, in fact they were denied for the simple fact of being Republicans during the jury selection process.

How Is this Fair? Social Media Posts Prove Judge Amy Berman Jackson Rigged Roger Stone Trial with Far Left Loons and Activists

Given these facts, Judge Amy Berman Jackson must unseal the jury questionnaires of the jurors (and alternates) that made the final cut for Roger Stone’s trial.

A refusal to acknowledge these glaring instances of bias and acts of perjury committed by jurors before her court is proof positive that she must be removed from the case and impeached by the United States Senate.

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Border officers to team up with ICE in sanctuary city crackdown

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Specially trained border officials are being deployed to a handful of sanctuary cities to help carry out an immigrant arrest operation to begin this weekend alongside Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, the New York Times reports.

Why it matters: The administration has made several efforts over the past few weeks to crack down on states and cities that choose not to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies.

From February through May, at least 100 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers will be sent to cities including Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, according to the Times. Not all are considered sanctuary cities.

  • Some of the agents are members of an elite tactical unit of CBP.
  • Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence told the Times the action was in response to sanctuary jurisdictions, where law enforcement often refuse to hold unauthorized immigrants in criminal custody for ICE agents to pick up.
  • Albence blamed sanctuary areas for releasing “criminals back to the street,” which he claimed “increases the occurrence of preventable crimes, and more importantly, preventable victims.”

The big picture: CBP has recently moved to end expedited airport processing programs for New Yorkers and the Justice Department has filed lawsuits against four different jurisdictions with immigration sanctuary-style policies.

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Lindsey Graham Asks Barr to Make Witnesses Available For Probe Into ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ – Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein to be Called In

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Lindsey Graham Asks Barr to Make Witnesses Available For Probe Into ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ – Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein to be Called In

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham on Friday sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr formally asking him to make witnesses available for the committee’s probe into ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’

The FBI opened a counter-intel investigation into the Trump campaign in July of 2016 dubbed ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ and initially focused on George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, General Flynn and Carter Page.

McCabe admitted in an interview that the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane based on information about Trump camp volunteer George Papadopoulos.

Recall, Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor who is now presumed to be deceased, approached Papadopoulos in the Spring of 2016 and tried to plant a story on him about the Russians having Hillary Clinton’s ‘missing’ State Dept emails.

Papadopoulos then met with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in a London pub where it was reported Papadopoulos bragged about receiving ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton from the Russians.

Downer then reported this info on Papadopoulos back to his intelligence officials, who then contacted the FBI.

A few months later, the FBI used Christopher Steele’s Hillary-funded garbage dossier as a pretext to obtain four FISA warrants on the Trump campaign.

So after 3 and a half years and many lives destroyed, Lindsey Graham is just now getting around to calling in witnesses.

“As you are aware, the Committee is continuing to investigate matters related to the Justice Department and the FBI’s handling of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, including the applications for, and renewals of, a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Warrant on Carter Page,” Lindsey Graham wrote.

Graham asked Barr to make available over a dozen witnesses for transcribed interviews including James Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr and others.