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At least one doctor holds out that possibility. Why is he being silenced? Why has this video been labeled “disinformation” and “misleading” without any explanation. Is it not appropriate, in the interest of open and honest scientific inquiry to respond to these questions, rather than dismiss or silence them? When voices asking questions are slandered and silenced, is it to protect the truth, or to cover it up?

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Majority of Americans Demand Fauci Resigns.

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A Hill-HarrisX poll has found a majority of American voters think Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, should resign. Fifty-two percent (52 percent) of respondents said Fauci should leave his position, while 48 were opposed.

The new data reveals how far the public’s faith in Fauci has fallen, with a similar survey from June showing most Americans back then wanted Fauci to stay in post.

When the Hill-HarrisX poll asked the same question of likely voters earlier this year (between June 17th-18th), fifty-eight percent (58 percent) of respondents said Fauci should not resign. In the same poll, forty-two percent (42 percent) of respondents believed that he should.

Data from the June poll, contrasted with the most recent, shows a twelve percent (12 percent) point increase in Democrats who now feel Fauci should resign. 

Over the same time period, just nine percent of Republicans shifted from forty-seven percent (47 percent) to fifty-three percent (53 percent) supporting the notion that Fauci should resign from his position as chief medical advisor.

In recent weeks, news broke that Fauci lied repeatedly in regards to gain-of-function research being funded and supported by the National Institutes of Health. His character and work has been further scrutinized by consistent evidence that Fauci and his colleagues were involved in brutal, disgusting abuse of animals for “medical” purposes. These reports, plus the flip-flopping over COVID-19 information, restrictions, and mandates has led to a fairly bleak perception of the doctor. 

Earlier this year, National Geographic released an exhaustive documentary on Fauci. The work was supported by critics but received some of the worst viewer and online reviews of any film in the last quarter-century. The documentary focused on Fauci’s work in AIDS research and the Ebola pandemic, while barely scratching the surface of COVID-19.

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Rescue Workers Find Screaming Woman Stuck Between Buildings, Naked — and You Can Guess Where

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Every now and then, the day’s news delivers a story for which California seems the only appropriate setting.

I’d dare say this is one.

As reported by The Sun, on Tuesday, a woman found herself in quite the pickle.

Around 2 p.m., cries of help were being belted near an auto body shop.

Santa Ana Police Department officers soon discovered a sight few will ever behold.

The incident serves as a gentle reminder…

If, perchance, you’re entirely nude, and if you decide to go for a walk; and if, during your publicly-naked stroll, you find two buildings less than a foot apart; and if you’re tempted to take your bare-skinned self and wedge your privates and the rest of ya into the tight space, such that the raw skin of your unmentionables is now permanently stuck between the concrete…


The above isn’t necessarily how the calamity occurred, but it’s a possible path.

And judging from video of responders trying to undo what was done, I deduce that any plan potentially leading to such a predicament is likely not worth the pursuit.

However it happened, officials found a woman trapped between S & C Auto Body and car stereo mecca Harbor Sound.

The Sun characterized the victim as “a screaming naked woman stuck in an eight-inch space.”

S & C Auto Body’s owner recalled something crazy:

“We heard a lady in the back, behind our shop, screaming, screaming, screaming.”

They couldn’t find anyone.

“[T]he cops came in and got on the roof and looked between the two walls, and she’s all naked. She was in pain. She was screaming in pain.”


“She was upside down…”

And she was approximately ten feet from the structure’s edge.

Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) was tasked with extracting the in-the-buff in-betweener who was lying on her side inside the gap separating two sides of two buildings outside.

As captured by KTLA, it was a heck of a scene:

The Sun kept it classy by blurring the lady’s privates, with images revealing only her head and shoes.

Still, the poor woman was sandwiched on display, a media lens looking straight down onto her carnal treasure.

The New York Post noted, “Only the woman’s skin, back tattoos and shoes are visible from above looking down into the tight space below.”

Firefighters drilled a hole, inserting their own camera.

Aided by the visual, they safely cut through roughly  eight inches of wall to create a large opening.

The slicing took about two hours.

See ’em at work:

As tweeted by the OCFA, “We appreciate everyone has questions.”

OCFA Capt. Thanh Nguyen told Channel 5 all he knew:

“We’re not 100 percent sure how she got there. Right now, that’s a mystery to all of us here.”

A mystery indeed.

What was she doing between the buildings?

Why was she naked?

Why would buildings be constructed with such a small and dangerous gap?

At this moment, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

See more below:

“When we got her out, she was pretty dirty,” Capt. Thanh said.

The loosened lady was taken to a hospital.

California, you’re somethin’ else.


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DOJ Watchdog Says FBI Allowed USA Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry Nassar to Get Away with Child Sex Crimes

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The Justice Department’s Inspector General released a report on Wednesday and said the FBI made a series of errors in their sex abuse investigation of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.

At least 40 girls and women said they were sexually abused by Nassar over a 14-month period from July 2015 to September 2016 and the FBI was fully aware of the allegations.

According to the IG report, USA Gymnastics contacted the FBI field office in Indianapolis after 8 months of silence and inactivity from the Bureau in 2016, according to the Associated Press.

The FBI turned a blind eye to Nassar’s sexual abuse allegations and allowed him to get away with sex crime for several months!

TRENDING: BREAKING: Arizona Senate to Hold Hearing Thursday Morning at 10 AM on Arizona Election Audit

“Ultimately the investigations determined that Nassar had engaged in sexual assaults of over 100 victims and possessed thousands of images of child pornography, led to his convictions is federal and state court, and resulted in Nassar being sentenced to incarceration for over 100 years,” the IG report said.

The IG report said FBI Special Agents made false statements and omitted material information.

“Indianapolis Field Office Special Agent in Charge (SAC) W. Jay Abbott and an Indianapolis Field Office Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) made false statements. Specifically, we concluded that the gymnast interview summary that the Indianapolis SSA drafted in February 2017, 17 months after the interview took place, contained materially false information and omitted material information,” the report said.

The SSA also made materially false statements when twice questioned by the Office of Inspector General about the victim interviews to “minimize errors” made by the Indianapolis field office when handling the Nassar sexual assault allegations.

Even more shocking, the SAC, Abbott, communicated with USA Gymnastics President Stephen Penny about a potential job opportunity with the US Olympic Committee – while he was discussing the allegations against Nassar (conflict of interest/ raises questions about impartiality) and he lied to the Inspector General’s office when questioned about it on two separate occasions.

The Justice Department declined to prosecute the FBI agents for false statements to the IG about how they handled the Nassar case.

The FBI responded to the IG report on Wednesday:

As the Inspector General made clear in today’s report, this should not have happened. The FBI will never lose sight of the harm that Nassar’s abuse caused. The actions and inactions of certain FBI employees described in the report are inexcusable and a discredit to this organization. The FBI has taken affirmative steps to ensure and has confirmed that those responsible for the misconduct and breach of trust no longer work FBI matters.

Prior to today, the FBI initiated improvements to make sure that serious allegations, such as these, are promptly shared with our law enforcement partners and within the FBI. As a continuation of these efforts, the FBI is fully committed to implementing all of the recommendations made by the Inspector General.

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the failures of the employees outlined in the report do not happen again.

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Denver BLM Leader Accused of Sexually Abusing 62 Children Resumes His Duties on School Board

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As previously reported, local Denver school board member, Black Lives Matter protest leader, and anti-gun activist Tay Anderson faced dozens of accusations of sex abuse, rape, harassment, and “inappropriate behavior” from a variety of community members, including 62 high school students and illegal aliens in the DACA program, at least one as young as 14.

Tay Anderson denied the allegations and blamed a “racist web hacker” for orchestrating the allegations.

After temporarily stepping back from his post, Anderson has now resumed his duties on the school board while the investigation continues.

“I am returning to my full duties as a duly elected member of the Denver School Board. This is effective immediately,” Anderson stated.

Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson announced Wednesday his plan to resume the full duties of the position, after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him. Anderson says the investigation into his conduct has “dragged well past the timeline that was agreed to” and “no credible evidence has emerged.”

Anderson said he was told the investigation would be completed in thirty days, but then it was extended an additional 30 days.

“I am now told that the investigation will not be completed for at least another four or five weeks, leading us to mid-August,” Anderson stated in the open letter.

Anderson said the investigation has “drifted into vastly new areas, including a period of time when I was not even an adult, an employee of DPS, or an elected member of the DPS Board.”

“Although I remain committed to engaging in a transparent and fair process, I can no longer wait for this process to conclude to initiate my return to serving the families of the Denver Public Schools,” Anderson stated.

“No credible evidence has emerged to support any allegations of sexual misconduct by me. I have not been arrested, charged, or even contacted by any law enforcement agency regarding any of these false claims against me.”

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California School District Makes History With Mandatory CRT-Based Program for Preschoolers

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In California, CRT is on the move.

As reported by the New York Post, on June 23rd, Hayward Unified School District’s board of trustees cast a unanimous vote.

The Bay Area board approved a mandatory “ethnic studies” program based on Critical Race Theory.

It’s the state’s first such required curriculum covering every grade level — including preschool.

Forty million taxpayer dollars will whack away at white supremacy.

By next year, the course of study will be required for graduation.

An official press release fingers the focus:

The Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees voted unanimously at the June 23, 2021 meeting to approve a new Ethnic Studies policy for the district and to waive the need for a second reading. …

Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of race and ethnicity, as understood through the perspectives of major underrepresented racial groups in the United States: African Americans, Chicanx/Latinx, Asian Americans, and Native Americans/Indigenous groups. At HUSD, Ethnic Studies curriculum will include Pacific Islanders and Arab Americans.

The classroom — even one filled with 4-year-olds — is a battleground:

This discipline contends with racism, white supremacy culture, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, and nation-within-nation relationships. By centering the stories, experiences, and perspectives of the groups mentioned, Ethnic Studies uses community content and pedagogy to educate students to be socially, politically, environmentally, and economically conscious of their personal connections to local and transnational histories. The policy and efforts to develop an Ethnic Studies framework are informed by and will include Critical Race Theory and the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

Hayward Unified School District board President Dr. April Oquenda praised the new normal:

“It’s important that we teach our students of all ages about their ancestral legacies.”

Of course, there’ll be no way to do that, as teachers won’t know the “legacies” of each individual student.

Therefore, potentially, many students will walk away thinking their heritage lies where it does not.

Nonetheless, per April, Hayward’s equipping itself in the war for racial justice:

“Culture is essential in the fight for racial justice, and the district believes that the promise of the full inclusion of ethnic and cultural groups who have contributed to the development of our country has not yet been realized.”

American education has definitely changed.

In times past, it wasn’t so aptly appropriated as an ideological weapon.

Consider The Washington Post’s 2013 article, “Can You Pass This 101-Year-Old Test for 8 Graders?

20 questions from 1912:

  1. Write in words the following: 5764; .000003; .123416; 653.0965; 43.37.
  2. Find the amount of  $50.30 for 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days, at 8%.
  3. Find cost at 12 1/2 cents per sq. yd. of kalsomining the walls of a room 20 ft. long, 16 ft. wide and 9 ft. high, deducting 1 door 8 ft. by 4 ft. 6 in. and 2 windows 5 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in. each.
  4. A school enrolled 120 pupils, and the number of boys was two-thirds of the number of girls. How many of each sex were enrolled?
  5. At $1.62 1/2 a cord, what will be the cost of a pile of wood 24 ft. long, 4 ft. wide and 6 ft. 3 in. high?
  6. How many parts of speech are there? Define each.
  7. “William struck James.” Change the Voice of the verb.
    Adjectives have how many Degrees of Comparison? Compare good; wise; beautiful.
  8. Diagram: The Lord loveth a cheerful giver.
  9. Parse all the words in the following sentences: John ran over the bridge. Helen’s parents love her.
  10. Define longitude and latitude.
  11. Name and give boundaries of the five zones.
  12. Name and give the capitals of the States touching the Ohio River.
  13. How does the liver compare in size with other glands in the human body? Where is it located? What does it secrete?
  14. Compare arteries and veins as to function. Where is the blood carried to be purified?
  15. Define the following forms of government: Democracy, Limited Monarchy, Absolute Monarchy, Republic. Give examples of each.
  16. To what four governments are students in school subjected?
  17. Name three rights given Congress by the Constitution and two rights denied Congress.
  18. Who first discovered the following places — Florida, Pacific Ocean, Mississippi River, St. Lawrence River?
  19. Sketch briefly Sir Walter Raleigh, Peter Stuyvesant.
  20. Name the last battle of the Civil War; War of 1812; French and Indian War; and the commanders in each battle.

Subtract now from then, and that’s called “progress.”

And what’s happening at Hayward is likely to reach California’s corners.

From the Post:

The policy is being pushed throughout the state, with San Diego Unified School District expected to approve a similar plan later this summer, the Wall Street Journal said.

The Salinas Union High School District, meanwhile, recently hired “Rethinking Ethnic Studies” author R. Tolteka Cuauhtin to prep its teachers to implement a similar course — paying $1,500 an hour.

The California Teachers Association has said it “supports a vibrant and robust Ethnic Studies curriculum.”

We’re well on our way to enlightenment.

As for 1912, would modern America’s 13-year-olds ace the exam?

I wouldn’t bet my bottom dollar — I’m not sure any of that stuff is presently taught.

But as for oppression and the absolute importance of skin color, increasingly, today’s tykes are on course for academic excellence.

And here’s a question for you: What questions would properly fit a 2021 8th grade test?

I look forward to your answers in the Comments section.


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Vernon Jones Calls for Resignation of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for Certifying ‘Fraudulent Election’

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Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones is calling for the resignation of Governor Brian Kemp.

Jones is additionally calling for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into reports of tens of thousands of duplicate ballots that are missing chain of custody documents.

“Today, in addition to @BrianKempGA resignation, I am calling for an IMMEDIATE GBI investigation into reports of duplicate ballot counts and thousands of missing chain of custody documents. Our Governor had a DUTY to do his due diligence before certifying our election,” Jones tweeted. “He FAILED.”

TRENDING: BREAKING: Arizona Senate to Hold Hearing Thursday Morning at 10 AM on Arizona Election Audit

Jones also linked to a story from The Federalist that states “new evidence indicates that more than 10,300 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 2020 general election — a number that will continue to rise over the next several months, potentially exceeding the 12,670 votes that separated Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

In a comment to the Gateway Pundit, Jones said that “as Governor, Brian Kemp had an obligation conduct his rightful due diligence before certifying our election. With every passing day, it’s become increasingly clear that he did not do that. He not only failed our state but he failed our country.”

As TGP previously reported, former National Security Advisor and retired three star general Michael Flynn has endorsed Jones’ campaign.

Jones has already raised $650K in 10 weeks for his bid to defeat Kemp — who many Republicans are furious with over his lack of action to restore election integrity.

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Psaki Refuses to Condemn Communism in Cuba, Blames ‘Mismanagement’ of the Government (VIDEO)

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday refused to condemn Communism in Cuba and blamed “mismanagement” of the government.

The Biden Administration has not mentioned the word “Communism” in any statements regarding the Cuban protests.

Thousands of Cubans came out to protest the broken healthcare system and demanded freedom from the brutal Communist dictatorship on Sunday.

Cubans do not have access to medical care and inflation is making it impossible for them to feed their families.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Arizona Senate to Hold Hearing Thursday Morning at 10 AM on Arizona Election Audit

Cuban protesters were seen waving American flags and chanting “freedom!”

But the Biden Administration says Cubans are just fed up with the “mismanagement” of their government.

Psaki said the quiet part out loud and parroted the old, tired mantra: “Cuba just hasn’t tried real Communism” – the Communist regime is just “mismanaged.”


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Biden — ‘Cuban refugees are not welcome’…

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Posted by Kane on July 14, 2021 1:59 pm


‘Cuban refugees are not welcome here’ — Biden administration

Cuban refugees vote Republican, that’s the problem…