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Rules For Us and Rules For Them

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Of all the quotable lines in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, few resonate as much as this one: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That was, of course, the proclamation of the pigs who controlled the government, lest any of the lesser species harbor grandiose notions about their place in the barnyard’s pecking order.

That quotation has been referred to often in recent days after Gov. Gavin Newsom — fresh off of issuing a new set of edicts admonishing Californians to dine alone at home and curtail their Thanksgiving celebrations — was caught dining with his wife and 10 other friends at a birthday party for a prominent lobbyist at the French Laundry in Yountville.

No one is surprised that governors live comfortable lives, but it’s a bit rich when they are immune from the rules that they wantonly impose on the rest of us.

It’s bad enough for the governor to seemingly violate his own edicts, but to do so in Napa Valley, at one of the nation’s toniest restaurants, certainly gave off the wrong vibe. The governor claims that his attendance at the event wasn’t actually a violation of state coronavirus restrictions because they dined outdoors, but he did eventually issue an apology.

“I made a bad mistake. Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up and walked back, got in my car and drove back to my house,” Newsom said in a video statement. “The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted, and I got to own that. And so I want to apologize to you…. We’re all human, we all fall short sometimes.” ‘

That’s fair enough, but this wasn’t the only example of a governor who lives by a different set of rules. Sacramento’s public schools have yet to reopen as they await the final phase-in rules, but Newsom’s four children are back in classrooms at the high-end private school where he sends them. No one is surprised that governors live comfortable lives, but it’s a bit rich when they are immune from the rules that they wantonly impose on the rest of us.

It’s not just the governor, either. “Legislators from California and other states are gathering for an annual conference in Maui this week despite a spike in COVID-19 cases in the Golden State that resulted in travel warnings by health officials,” the Los Angeles Times reported. They are attending an annual conference sponsored by a nonprofit group that often pays legislators’ expenses.

Only one lawmaker has thus far admitted attending the conference this year. But as Politico reporter Jeremy White noted on Twitter: “[W]hy not just admit if you’re in Hawaii? We will find out sooner or later. If you want to keep it secret, don’t go!” Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with attending — but the timing is bad, and why not just admit it?

I find it odd that the legislators and Newsom are so tone-deaf that they couldn’t see the criticism coming, or understand why average Californians would be upset at the fracas — especially as officials call for tougher enforcement of the state’s travel and social-distancing rules. Even California’s mostly liberal commentators have been aghast.

“We certainly hope Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, enjoyed their dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant on Nov. 6,” the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board recently opined. “Nothing will launder the stain of stupidity from his reputation after this ill-conceived outing.”

Fortunately, a Sutter County court, ruling in a case brought by Republican Assembly members James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley, has reined in some of the governor’s edict-issuing powers. The specific issue involved Newsom’s March 4 executive order mandating that the state send all registered voters a mail-in ballot. Gallagher and Kiley had no problem with expanded absentee balloting — but argued correctly that only the Legislature has that power.

The Legislature did follow up with a law that did as much, which only reinforces how unnecessary it was for the governor to impose this reform by edict. Newsom’s legal team argued that the Legislature’s action made the case moot, but Judge Sarah Heckman ruled that the matter had great relevance given the far-reaching executive orders the governor had been signing. In other words, the case was about unchecked executive action, not one order per se.

The judge found that the California Emergency Services Act (CESA) gives governors expanded powers — but they are not limitless. Any governor can make and amend regulations during an emergency, but cannot create new laws or unilaterally rewrite existing ones. The judge had issued a preliminary decision but followed up with a final nine-page ruling.

“Not only is this an active and ongoing controversy between the parties, but it is a critically important one for the Judicial Branch to resolve,” the judge ruled. “The state of emergency brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic … continues in effect, indefinitely, and the governor continues to have authority to act under the CESA.” The governor “has issued more than 50 different executive orders changing numerous California statutes since the state of emergency was declared.”

In fact, Assembly member Kiley has published a 123-page list of the governor’s far-reaching executive actions since that March 4 executive order — thus highlighting the degree to which the state has moved from the rule of law to rule by one man. Higher courts will no doubt address the matter, but at least for now our wannabe king has had some of his powers reined in.

Only the courts can restore some balance. But who knows what it will take to remind the governor and the state’s lawmakers that, perhaps, they ought not attend fancy dinners and Hawaiian junkets at the same time that they are hectoring us to shelter in place?

Steven Greenhut is Western region director for the R Street Institute. Write to him at

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REPORT: John Durham Dropping His Investigations into Spygate, “Worried About Blowback From Joe Biden”

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John Durham

It appears the appointment of John Durham was another head fake.

US Attorney General Bill Barr appointed US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham to investigate the origins of Spygate in May of 2019.

So far only one FBI lawyer has been charged with making a false statement in Durham’s investigation.

Former FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith plead guilty in August to one charge of making false statements 18 USC 1001 a(3) “makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry.”

TRENDING: WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 3: SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Found in Milwaukee – Results Change Wisconsin Election – 30,000 Votes Switched from President Trump to Biden

38-year-old Clinemsith altered an email from CIA investigators used to request a FISA warrant and renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo reported in September that Durham would NOT release his Spygate report before the 2020 election.

According to Bartiromo, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusion. Sources said it is now too close to the election and could be viewed as politically motivated.

Now this…

According to The Federalist, “John Durham isn’t doing anything” and he is “dropping his investigations.”

“He’s worried about blowback from Biden.”

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WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 3: SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Found in Milwaukee – Results Change Wisconsin Election – 30,000 Votes Switched from President Trump to Biden

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A deep dive into the results in Milwaukee shows a similar pattern The Gateway Pundit found in Pennsylvania and  Dr. Shiva found in Michigan.  The more Republican the precinct the higher percentage of votes shifted from President Trump to Joe Biden.

We’ve also previously reported on the results from Milwaukee where the number of votes that went for Joe Biden made no sense using the statistical technique known as ‘Benford Analysis’:

Audit Statistical Technique Known as ‘Benford Analysis’ Points to Milwaukee Precincts as Central Point to Uncover Fraud

Next we reported on a pattern identified in Michigan’s results by Dr. Shiva from Massachusetts, where Trump votes were systematically switched from President Trump to Joe Biden in consistent manner.  This pattern is too consistent to be found in a natural set of numbers and therefore indicates ‘monkey business’ or fraud.

TRENDING: WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 3: SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Found in Milwaukee – Results Change Wisconsin Election – 30,000 Votes Switched from President Trump to Biden

Today we report the results of a similar analysis of the results in Milwaukee based on Dr. Shiva’s analysis.  We analyzed precincts in Milwaukee and found again that votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden in an unnatural pattern indicating fraud.

According to Dr. Shiva and others, the voting machines used in the US in the current election and in prior elections have the ability to store votes not as binomial characters but as fractions.  This allows these machines to weigh votes for candidates and change elections based on this weighting.

There is NO REASON why this feature should be included on a voting machine.

There is only ONE REASON to include this feature on voting machines — to STEAL elections.

For example, if you like a candidate you count two votes for every vote he or she receives.  If you don’t like a candidate you give that candidate one-half a vote for every vote that person receives.  You then set up a voting machine’s weighting such that all votes are allocated based on you weighting.  At the end of the day you count ballots and all are counted but the number of votes for the first candidate is nearly twice as much as the number of votes that candidate received and half as much of the number of votes for the second candidate.  This can be done because we’ve found that votes are stored as decimals in US voting machines providing for manipulation and voter fraud.

Dr. Shiva was on with conservative talk show host Larry Elder and he explained this process in a short interview held during the past week:

The longer version of Dr. Shiva’s talk regarding the 2020 steal  is provided below.  In this video Dr. Shiva and two colleagues discuss the election in Michigan and how in three counties a minimum of 138,000 votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden.  This is because the voting machines used in these counties are able to allocate votes.

This leads us to today. 

A data scientist who remains anonymous performed a review of the data in precincts in Milwaukee.  His conclusion is very similar to Dr. Shiva’s in Michigan in three counties.  The more Republican the makeup of a precinct, the more votes that were taken away from President Trump and ‘switched’ to Joe Biden.  Also, ironically these votes move in a linear fashion which is very disturbing and highly, highly unlikely.  The pattern indicates that these precincts were manipulated and votes were removed from President Trump and allocated to Joe Biden.

As Dr. Shiva would say, ‘this is too perfect’.  Our analysis of precincts in Milwaukee shows the same hockey stick pattern, which is highly, highly unlikely, and similar to what Dr. Shiva observed in Michigan:

Based on the above analysis for Milwaukee, the higher a precincts percent of Republican votes for Congress, the lower the percent of Trump votes for President.  This doesn’t make sense and is highly, highly unlikely.  The reasonable expectation is the more the Republican votes for Congress, the more the number of Trump votes as well.

The fact that this pattern occurred in swing state Wisconsin in the exact same pattern as was identified in swing state Michigan, provides additional information on a systemic fraud across the country in our 2020 Presidential election.

We compared the Milwaukee results to Dane County Wisconsin results and they are very different.  In Dane county the percent of Trump votes in the county is very similar to the percent of Republican votes.  This is expected.

In Milwaukee, when statistically eliminating the current highly unlikely and impossible results (i.e. fraud), the more likely result is 30,700 more votes for President Trump and a corresponding 30,700 votes less in Joe Biden’s column.  The total being a 61,400 vote swap.

With Biden currently leading President Trump by only 21,000 votes, this analysis at a precinct level when corrected would move President Trump to the win column in Wisconsin.

The more we dig into the data, the more we identify patterns that don’t make any sense at all.  The reason the numbers don’t make statistical sense is because there is something going on, and it’s more than likely fraud.

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Biden campaign says Burisma meeting not on ‘official schedule’

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign said Wednesday in a carefully worded statement there were no meetings on his “official schedules” in 2015 with Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi.

The response to The Post’s expose Wednesday about how emails about the meeting were found on his son Hunter Biden’s laptop does not mention any personal calendars or dispute that the get-together actually happened.

Biden has not directly responded to the reporting, which appears to debunk his prior claim he had “never spoken” with his son about his “overseas business dealing.”

Biden led the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy while Hunter Biden earned a reported $83,000 per month on Burisma’s board, despite no prior industry experience.

Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly emailed Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board, to thank him for facilitating a meeting.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the alleged email reads.

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement to Politico that the meeting was not on Biden’s “official schedules” and did not take place “as alleged.” The statement does not foreclose a meeting taking place in an unofficial manner.

“[W]e have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place,” Bates said.

The Biden campaign did not respond to five requests for comment from The Post before publication of the initial account. The candidate himself declared an early-morning lid Wednesday, meaning he will have no public events.

“Investigations by the press, during impeachment, and even by two Republican-led Senate committees whose work was decried as ‘not legitimate’ and political by a GOP colleague have all reached the same conclusion: that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing. Trump Administration officials have attested to these facts under oath,” Bates said to Politico.

“The New York Post never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of this story. They certainly never raised that Rudy Giuliani — whose discredited conspiracy theories and alliance with figures connected to Russian intelligence have been widely reported — claimed to have such materials.”

However, in addition to repeated requests for comment sent to the Biden campaign, including to Bates himself, before publication, The Post informed a lawyer for Hunter Biden, George R. Mesires, of Giuliani’s role in passing the hard drive’s contents to The Post.

Hunter BidenHunter BidenAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Town & Country

The Post specified in the email that “Rudy Giuliani gave The Post an external hard drive that the owner of a computer-repair shop in Delaware told The Post was copied from a laptop that Hunter Biden brought in for repair but never picked up.”

House Democrats impeached President Trump in December for asking Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s employment. Senate Republicans acquitted Trump in February of charges he abused his power and obstructed a congressional investigation.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is working with the Delaware computer repairman, whose identity was confirmed by The Post, to verify the documents on the hard drive.

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Facebook censors The Post to help Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign

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So much for Facebook’s claims to be a neutral platform: One of its top execs just put the social-media giant firmly in the pro-Biden camp.

Andy Stone, the social-media company’s policy communications manager, boasted about burying The Post’s story on proof that Hunter Biden merchandized access to his dad.

Stone’s tweet Wednesday morning: “While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact-checked by Facebook’s third-party fact-checking partners. In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform.”

Censor first, ask questions later: It’s an outrageous attitude for one of the most powerful platforms in the United States to take.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe BidenDemocratic presidential nominee Joe BidenGetty Images

Especially when Stone wears his own bias on his sleeve: The quick biography he posts on Twitter shows his long history of working for Democrats, including lefty then-Sen. Barbara Boxer and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Though he doesn’t specify what “this story” means, it can only be our scoop on Hunter — e-mails that show he introduced an executive of Burisma, the Ukrainian natural-gas firm on whose board he sat, to his dad while Joe was vice president.

Biden Sr. has insisted he had “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” a statement at odds with the massive trove of data recovered from a laptop at a Delaware repair shop.

No one is disputing the veracity of The Post’s story — not even Hunter Biden. His lawyer George R. Mesires wouldn’t deign to comment on the reporting, simply attacking the messenger. The Biden campaign did the same, dismissing it all as “discredited,” while saying that no meeting showed up on Joe Biden’s official schedule on those dates (well if it wasn’t “official,” guess it didn’t happen).

Wednesday's cover of the New York PostNew York Post

Yet Facebook is deliberately trying to keep its users from reading and deciding for themselves what it means.

This, when it did nothing to restrict access to the recent New York Times story on President Trump’s tax returns. And the Times didn’t say a word about how it obtained that confidential personal data.

An executive of one of the most powerful media platforms in the country, who brags about his years working as a partisan Democratic operative, publicly boasting of his attempt to keep Americans from learning something embarrassing about the Democratic presidential candidate. Facebook isn’t a media platform. It’s a propaganda machine.

Glenn Greenwald Explains Why He Was ‘Totally, Formally Banned’ From MSNBC

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Lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald speaks with members of the media Tuesday, April 7, 2015, in Salt Lake City. Greenwald, the man who used top-secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden to write about global surveillance programs for a British newspaper, will speak with students at the University of Utah Tuesday evening. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The progressive left is so allergic to opposing views that they will even avoid having to engage with people on their side who don’t quite follow the prevailing narratives of the day. Their propensity for avoiding dissent is evident in the case of Glenn Greenwald, who stated that far-left news media outlet MSNBC has prohibited him from appearing on its network.

In a conversation on former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly’s podcast on Monday, he stated that he is no longer allowed to appear on MSBNC. The two journalists spoke on various issues, but when the discussion turned to the news network, Greenwald mentioned his appearances on the network with hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes.

He recounted his time on the network with the two hosts. “I used to be really good friends with Rachel Maddow,” he said. “Before she got her MSNBC show and was on Air America, I used to go on all the time, and we used to bash Democrats from the left as a fraudulent political party.”

He continued, “She’s very, very smart. Same with [MSNBC host Chris Hayes], who’s been a longtime friend of mine. I used to go on both of their shows all the time to kind of feed the audience whatever they felt like they wanted them to be fed.”

Greenwald then recalled how things changed when Greenwald became critical of the Russia collusion narrative. “And then once I became a critic of Russiagate, I basically got banned from the network because I became a critic of their coverage of it,” he claimed.

When Kelly asked Greenwald to confirm that it was an official ban, he stated that “tons of friends” from MSNBC told him that he was “totally, formally banned.” He said, “I have producers who tried to book me, and they get told, ‘No, he’s on the no-book list.”

MSNBC denied Greenwald’s claims in a statement that the network released to The Hill. A spokesperson working for the network stated that there is no ban on the journalist, explaining that none of MSNBC’s shows has asked for him since 2016.

However, when The Hill reached out to Greenwald, he told a different story. “I was told this in 2017 and early 2018 by two separate producers with two separate shows that they were told never to book me,” he said. “I should also add that it’s not just me but several liberal-left journalists — including Matt Taibbi and Jeremy Scahill — who used to regularly appear there and stopped once they expressed criticism of MSNBC’s Russiagate coverage and skepticism generally about the narrative.”

Taibbi recently had a conversation with The Hill in which he asserted that “woke” politics has infested the world of journalism and is systematically destroying the Fourth Estate from within. Essentially the problem is if you say a certain thing, and an employee accuses you of racism, either your career is over or your reputation is ruined,” he said.

Even more recently, former MSNBC producer Anna Pekary resigned from the network because she grew weary of its constant focus on politically-charged reportage. “The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis,” she wrote in a blog post explaining the reason for her departure.

It is not difficult to see that the corporate press is becoming more and more intent on pushing the progressive agenda. Many journalists, even on the left, have lamented the fact that the media is no longer slightly biased to the left, it has become a full-on propaganda apparatus for the progressive movement.

Establishment media outlets essentially function as a marketing team for the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, and over the past four years, its agenda has been on full display. Given this reality, it is no surprise that they would blacklist people like Greenwald and Taibbi. They can’t have people on their own side calling out their BS, can they?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Democrats Will Want to Memory-Masshole These Yard Signs With the State Name Spelled Incorrectly

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AP featured imageThe Massachusetts Democratic Party misspells the state name on its Biden-Harris campaign signs. (Twitter/@hjessy_)

That’s a wicked-awesome effort on the one job you had!

12 words  – TWELVE.

That was all the Democratic Party offices had to contend with when creating the yard signs for the Kamala Harris campaign with her running mate, Joe Biden. Pretty cut and dry task; you slap on the logo, include the website address, and then cut/paste the party designation on the bottom. Performing a spell check on this would take all of 10 seconds, then you can crack open a Sammy and go watch your beloved Pats play, without Tawmmy in the pocket.

This task, however, seemed too much for the party operatives in Bean Town. When one resident, a 19-year-old podcaster in the Andover area, dropped some cash at party offices to get a sign to sink into his lawn he came to discover what Joe Biden’s blood type might be — Type-o Positive.

When Jessy Han, a 19-year-old podcaster from Andover, saw that his local Democratic Town Committee had Biden/Harris lawn signs up for grabs, he was eager to show his support for the campaign. So he happily handed over a $7 donation and picked one up over the weekend.

Before he plunked it in his front yard, though, he spotted something he calls “unfortunate” in the sign’s required funding disclosure at the bottom of its message: The Massachusetts Democratic party had spelled its own name wrong. “Paid For By The Massachsuetts Democratic party,” the text reads, in small but legible type. Massachsuetts.

Will this impact the campaign adversely, and possibly swing the state over to Donald Trump in the November election? Heh heh, no — not a chance. Massachusettes is so blue it is a darker shade than the Redsox baseball hats. But it does make for a nice accompaniment to some of the rambling vocalizations we have been getting from Joe Biden over the past few months.

After you consider all of the gaffes Joe has made, which his wife Jill forbade Jake Tapper from exploring, maybe butchering the name of the state pales slightly — OR becomes the perfect emblem of the entire campaign.

Brad Slager

Covering politics, as well as the business side of Show Business. Expert in fine bourbons, good cigars, competent hockey teams, and horrible movies.

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LEAKED Inside Documents show BLUE PRINT of Radical Left’s Rapid Response Plan to Disrupt SCOTUS Nomination and Vote

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Investigative journalist Millie Weaver released the far left blue prints for the far left’s plans for protesting President Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

President Trump is expected to announce his pick on Saturday at 5:00 PM Eastern.

The left has already released its blue print to disrupt and shut down the Senate during the confirmation hearings and vote to confirm.

The Blue Print includes tips on messaging, coordinated social media posts and slogans.

TRENDING: BREAKING REPORT: President Trump to Nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court

The blue prints even instruct the mob on staging tactics during the demonstrations.

EXCLUSIVE – LEAKED Inside docs show BLUE PRINTS for the radical left’s entire plans for protesting Trump’s SCOTUS nomination 👇

Video Gold: CNN Host Alisyn Camerota’s Face as Voters Explain Why They’re Voting for Trump

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AP featured imagePeople walk outside CNN Center, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, in Atlanta. CNN is now screening all people who enter after a suspicious package was delivered to CNN in New York. NYPD’s chief of counterterrorism says the explosive device sent to CNN’s headquarters in New York appeared to be sent by the same person who mailed pipe bombs to George Soros, Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama. (AP Photo/Ron Harris)

I must admit, it’s a lot of fun when CNN gets taken by surprise and they end up having to report real news rather than just their regular 24/7 anti-Trump narrative.

Sometimes a little truth does accidentally slip through on their network, though, as it did today during one of their segments on the election.

CNN’s Alysin Camerota was talking with voters who were talking about the key issues that were driving them to vote.

But as they began to explain why they were voting for Trump, you can look at her face and she appears to be trying to hold it all together and not lose it. I’ve never seen someone blink so many times in such a short period. She looks almost like she’s about to hurl and you can tell she’s thinking something like, ‘Damn, he might actually win. Again!’

Sean Roberts, a Florida voter said, “The president is making every effort to do his best for people of color…the president is bringing us together.”

“He’s doing a phenomenal job and he has my vote. Absolutely,” declared Alexis Frost Cazimero, a California voter.

It’s almost as if they haven’t been listening to the CNN propaganda about Trump but have actually made their own judgments based upon everything he has done.

What segment producer let that go by and will he have a job for doing so? It’s surprising it made it to air.

Better prepare for Election Night, CNN is going to be a basket case when he wins. I can hear them now trying to say, “We have to wait to declare the winner until all the votes are counted (wherever we can find them).”

HT: Twitchy

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Over 1,000 Shot in NYC Since June, Getting Worse by the Month

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Violence in New York City is getting worse as NYPD data shows 1,017 people got shot, fatally and otherwise, between June 1 and Sept. 20.

The violence has escalated since late May, coinciding with the riots in response to the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis. The data indicates the shooting trend is still accelerating compared to the year before.

  • In April, 64 were shot in the city, down from 67 in April the year prior.
  • In May, 113 were shot, up nearly 55 percent from the same month in 2019.
  • In June, 270 were shot, making for a year-over-year increase of more than 150 percent.
  • In July, 301 were shot, up nearly 160 percent year over year.
  • In August, 310 were shot, up almost 200 percent year over year.
  • In September, so far, 136 were shot, which is up almost 210 percent year over year.
  • Meanwhile, murder is up 60 percent year over year since May.

The city hasn’t seen such levels of violence since the mid-1990s.

The NYPD has blamed the surge in crime on a series of policies that have complicated the department’s work.

Last year’s bail reform banned judges from requiring cash bail for most nonviolent and some lower-level violent crimes, resulting in criminals getting quickly back on the street after arrests.

The city also outlawed officers from pressing their knee against a suspect’s back or chest during an arrest.

Police officers and experts have criticized the law for criminalizing martial arts techniques routinely used by police to safely subdue resisting subjects. They warned it will lead police to use more severe methods, such as tasers, or avoid arrests altogether.

Some NYPD officers told The Epoch Times on the condition of anonymity that officers are hesitant to arrest resisting suspects, unless they pose a present danger to the officers or the public.

Only a small portion of people released due to the reform have been involved in shootings, The New York Post reported. But the officers cited the reform as a demoralizing factor that makes their efforts seem pointless.

Filings for retirement from the NYPD increased over 160 percent between May 25 and Aug. 11, compared to the same period last year.

Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed the violence on the economic impact of lockdowns related to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic after initially blaming the slowdown of the court system. The Office of Court Administration rejected the blame, saying many of the court proceedings have continued virtually, the New York Daily News reported.

On Sept. 24, de Blasio promised “a number of very specific plans” will be introduced over the coming weeks to address the violence.

“The solution is to work with communities, and that’s what neighborhood policing is all about,” he said, PIX11 reported.

The following day, Governor Andrew Cuomo called the violence “wholly unacceptable,” calling on the city government to “step up and lead.”

“If none of them want to lead it, I will find someone to lead it,” he said.