The media is in the middle of controversializing the President’s proposal to move the flood of illegal aliens rushing to the southern border, to sanctuary cities and states where political leaders have argued for the past few years that illegal immigrants improve their communities.  Some now question the legality of Trump’s proposal, but they never questioned a similar move made by President Obama.

Obama settled illegal aliens in Republican controlled areas of the country.  One of those places:  the state of Alabama.  Here below are some of the outcomes of Obama’s policy.  A policy, I will remind the reader again, was met with no mainstream media criticism.

Newsmax: illegal immigration figures in Alabam

Daily Wire: illegal alien kills Alabama school teacher

Illegal aliens arrested in Alabama for running ‘sex trade operation’

Humberto Erazo-Medrano, 42, and Ricardo Castaneda, 33, were arrested for their participation in an ongoing “sex trade operation.” (Photo: Albertville Police Department)





Obama planned to dump illegal aliens into rural Alabama

While Nancy Pelosi freaks out about Trump’s plan to send illegals to sanctuary cities like her hometown of San Francisco, she’s conveniently forgetting that Obama had planned to send illegals to Jeff Session’s home state of Alabama in 2016. In fact, he planned to relocate the illegals in Baldwin County just across the bay from Session’s home of Mobile County.

The difference in all of this is that Trump is sending illegals to places like San Francisco where they are promoting protecting illegals by being a sanctuary city. So why not send them there? They can sleep at Nan’s house.

Yes, Obama had planned to dump illegals in Alabama but the difference is that this is not a sanctuary city:

Baldwin County, Alabama Commissioner Chris Elliott said at the time that he felt this was a political move by Obama: “It’s highly probable that this is more political than practical.”

According to, the Obama administration proposed that two rural and underutilized Naval airfields in Alabama would house an overflow of unaccompanied children under age 17 who entered the United States without authorization:

NOLF Silverhill, a little-used Naval outlying field on Baldwin County 54 north of Silverhill, Ala., is one of two locations the federal government is considering for the placement of approximately 2,000 unaccompanied minors who entered the U.S. illegally. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are expected to send representatives soon to Baldwin County to inspect this air field and another one near Orange Beach as possible resettlement locations. (John Sharp/

Alabama Senators Sessions and Shelby criticized Obama and urged him to deport the children to their home countries.

Attempted abduction of Alabama woman by illegal alien

Obama may relocate illegal aliens from border to Alabama


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