Within the last week, Donald Trump said he could shoot someone and not lose a vote because his followers were so loyal.  Well, if Trump follows through with his promise to drop out of this week’s Republican debate hosted by Fox News, he will get a chance to see how loyal his supporters are after shooting himself in the foot.

Trump is a drama queen.  His indignation at Megyn Kelly is reminiscent of previous attempts by Trump to keep his name in the center of controversy with others in the past.  Trump deliberately stirs controversy.  Controversy draws media attention and that’s what Trump is looking for.  By avoiding the Fox debate, he’s taking television air time away from conversations about his leading opponents.  The media will always take the bait and keep the conversation about him.  And he eventually attends the debate anyway, that will draw even more attention and will give him the opportunity to appear magnanimous.  It’s all a show.  It is a complete and total contrivance.  Trump creates drama, so that in the end he looks gracious.  Not one bit of it is honest or real.

What will happen if Trump avoids the Fox debate?  He is likely to lose the Iowa Caucus.  Iowans are going to feel insulted and dismissed.  The media is supposed to be able to ask tough questions.  Candidates don’t get to veto who gets to ask questions in a debate.  Trump has no standing to demand anything from Fox News.  If Trump can’t stand Megyn Kelly so much, he won’t face her questions in a debate, he looks like a coward who won’t be able to face down tougher opponents.

Maybe Trump needs to lose Iowa.  Perhaps that will get his head out of the clouds.


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