The Left and the Democratic Party has been all about race since there has been a Democratic Party.

Jeffrey Lord is correct.  The KKK has been the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party in the South from Reconstruction up through the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.  That was the moment when the American left decided to rewrite history and claim that the Klan and Southern segregationists “switched sides”.  That is, they claim all the Klansmen and segregationists left the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party.  This fairy tale sounds plausible, except for the simple truth that it is unsupported by the facts.  While it can be argued that blacks were lured into the Democratic Party ranks by promises made by JFK and later LBJ, there was no “switching of sides”.

For starters, the Republican Party never adopted any of the segregationist or supremacist party platform planks of the old Dixiecrats.  Nor did any of the leading Dixiecrat senators or governors switch party affiliation, with the lone exception of Strom Thurmond, who renounced segregation.  Nearly to a man, every leading Dixiecrat remained a Democrat in good standing until the day they died.  Even unapologetic racists like George Wallace, a Presidential candidate in 1972, remained Democrats.

Jeffrey Lord’s understanding of history is not in error.  The history of racism in America, is a history of the Democratic Party.  It should not be forgotten that the Democratic Party is:

  • the party of slavery
  • the party of the Confederacy
  • the party of the Civil War
  • the party of the KKK
  • the party of Jim Crow and segregation
  • the party that physically blocked blacks from entering schoolhouses
  • the party that today favors abortion policies that result in the ending of half of all black pregnancies
  • the party that today deprives the poor and disproportionately black from school choice
  • the party that today drives people into dependency on government, often for generations
  • the party that seeks to divide Americans along likes of class, gender, and especially race.

The legacy of racism within the Democratic Party might not take on the same tenor of the KKK, but the effects on people’s lives of Democrat Party policy is far worse in 2016 than the Klan could ever hope to be.  The Democratic Party will turn its back on the thousands of young black men murdered every year in inner city violence from drugs and street gangs, but focus instead on a problem 1/50th the size, police violence against blacks.  That’s a racist transaction which enables the senseless killing of literally thousands of black lives, which to Democrats, seem not to matter at all.

For its entire history, from the antebellum South to the present day, the Democratic Party has been all about race.  There are some who will say, the KKK are “conservatives.”  They base this claim, at least in part, on the idea that the Klan was attempting to conserve the institution of slavery and white supremacy.  But that is not a description of political conservatism, but a more literal dictionary definition of the word.

The Klan dominated the South all throughout the years of the Roosevelt administration.  In each of FDR’s four successful runs for the Presidency, the South voted in higher percentages for FDR than the rest of the country.  FDR was no conservative, but the so called “conservative” South was more enthusiastically in favor of his Presidency than the rest of the country by far.  When Jeffrey Lord claims the KKK acted to promote the Progressive Agenda, this is precisely what he is referring to.

The South was so enthusiastic for FDR, in some states with strong KKK ties like Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia, Roosevelt often secured well over 90% of the popular vote.  Here is a summary:


The historical sins of the Democratic Party continue even now.  One of America’s founders, Thomas Jefferson, warned of the what was to come with the Democratic Party polices of government dependency when he said:

“Dependency breeds subservience and venality; suffocates the germ of virtue and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”  Thomas Jefferson

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