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The upshot of this interview is that coronavirus will become a pandemic. Not mentioned in this video is the outlook of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is forecasting potential infection of 60% of the world’s population of 7.8 billion. That works out to 4.7 billion people infected potentially and with a fatality rate of 15%, a potential death toll of an astounding 700 million. That would be more than 10 times the death toll from the Spanish Flu of a century ago. Of course, this is a worst case scenario and is by no means a certainty.

What is of greater concern is how this virus got started to begin with. The rest of the world is getting a taste of what the future will be like as long as the Chinese Communists are in power and China remains an authoritarian dictatorship more concerned about maintaining its stranglehold on power rather than the health and welfare of its own people or even the rest of the world’s population. China is not ready to be a first world country.

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