Apparently, CNBC is not done damaging their brand and their credibility after a debacle of a GOP debate last night.

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Be civil.  But demand an apology to the Republican candidates for this article:

college level

This is a move that can only be characterized as desperate and intended to rehabilitate the CNBC brand after their debate moderators essentially set fire to it during the debate.  As most people familiar with public speaking will tell you, it is important to speak at a level anyone can understand, which is what all good public speakers do.  The standard is to speak at or about an 8th grade level.

But the authors of this CNBC article are attempting to impugn to intelligence of both the Republican candidates and their audience.  It is hard to imagine anything more self destructive.  But this is a common ploy used by leftists in and out of the media on a regular basis.  They want others to believe Republicans, conservatives and those who agree with them are stupid.  Moreover, they see themselves as the annointed ones.

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This article is pure trash from start to finish for the reasons I set out earlier about the standards for public speaking.  There is no effort here to balance what they are claiming with what is widely recognized as the most proper public speaking standards.  For if they were to include this, they would have to commend the Republicans for speaking at or close to those standards.

Although the authors mention how political speeches have lost erudition over the years, they offer no explanation as to why.  They appear much more determined to slander the GOP candidates as retaliation for the humiliating performance put on by their moderators during the debate.

CNBC has committed a series of unforced errors in the last 24 hours that are so damaging, all the public can really do is tell them to stop.  Tweet the authors of this article:
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