Blacks, Hispanics nearly twice as satisfied with direction of U.S. than whites

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Blacks and Hispanics are nearly twice as satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. than whites, a Gallup poll released Friday concluded.

A net 49 percent of African-Americans and 47 percent of Latinos are satisfied with the direction of the country compared to just 28 percent of Caucasians who felt the same way, the June 7-July 1 survey found.

The poll was first conducted during President George W. Bush’s administration. During the early 2000s, whites expressed higher levels of satisfaction, which Gallup attributed to having a Republican in the Oval Office since “whites lean Republican,” the report stated.

Since blacks and Hispanics lean Democratic, these groups voiced higher levels of contentment with a left-leaning president.

However, the poll was taken prior to two separate police-related deaths of African-American men in Baton Rouge, La., and St. Paul, Minn., as well as the sniper shootings of five Dallas police officers last week. People have used the incidents to voice discontentment and outrage over alleged preferential treatment whites receive from police compared to blacks and Hispanics.

Any chance to see the effect of tensions between law enforcement and Black Lives Matters advocates will not be known until next year’s questionaire.

The poll was conducted through telephone interviews with 3,270 adults nationwide. There was a 4 percent margin of error among whites, 5 percent among blacks and 6 percent among Hispanics.

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