Great Vocal Majority is a political website with several missions:

  • News aggregation
    In the era of “fake news”, the news media has lost a great deal of credibility.  We don’t know what to believe anymore.  This website will endeavor to post news links and feeds to only the most credible news sources.  In a time when it seems news media outlets have all taken a partisan side finding the truth is essential for the public to be well-informed.  That is our commitment.
  • Education and Information
    It is our view that Americans have been victimized with a great deal of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies.  It encompasses history and current events.  We are committed to setting the record straight.  A record made crooked by revisionist historians and partisanship.
  • Promoting Freer Markets and Individual Liberty
    Free Market Capitalism is the best path to prosperity for the most people.  We favor free markets where they are possible and freer markets where they are not, because no system has lifted more people out of grinding poverty and allowed individuals more freedom.
  • Fidelity to the Constitution
    This site believes in the United States Constitution and the principle of limited government and all of our efforts here are aimed at advancing those principles to keep fidelity to the Constitution.