The West has Neville Chamberlain Disease

In 1938, the world had only one Neville Chamberlain.  Emotionally scarred by the trauma of the First World War, Chamberlain dedicated his life to maintaining the peace in Europe.  He was a pacifist, meaning he saw no act more immoral and degrading of the human condition more than the violence and destruction of war.  Chamberlain, as…

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Hillary Clinton and the Question NBC “News” did not ask

tapper and clinton

Hillary Clinton being asked a question nobody from the NBC debate was willing to ask.

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Plane aiding search for missing Marines reportedly hit by green laser – VIDEO: Reports of 2 Marine choppers colliding off Hawaii coast

(link to post) This Friday, Jan. 15, 2016 photo provided by the U.S. Marine Corps shows a Marine Officer attached to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 uses binoculars to search for debris of a helicopter mishap in Haliewa Beach Park, Hawaii. (Cpl. Ricky S. Gomez/U.S. Marine Corps via AP) A plane aiding in the search…

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HOTEL HORROR 23 dead after militants attack Burkina Faso hotel

(link to post)     Burkina Faso President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré said Saturday that 23 people were killed when an Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group seized an upscale hotel in the capital of Ouagadougou. Internal Affairs Minister Simon Compaore announced the siege was over and that 126 hostages had been freed and three jihadist gunmen…

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Donald Trump on New York Values

Russert and Trump


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The Cause of Low Workforce Participation


If someone tells you that the reason the Workforce Participation Rate is lower now than at any time since the 1970s, is due to retiring baby boomers, DON’T BELIEVE THEM! The increase in retirements has only begun to occur over the last two years.  From the end of 2008, until near the end of 2015,…

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How the end will come for Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is doomed.  The FBI has 150 agents working on the case of her unsecured server.  These are serious people without a political agenda.  Enforcing the national security laws of this country are serious business to them and they don’t mess around.  Having said that, however, it would be foolish to suggest politics…

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The NRA Challenges Obama to 1 on 1 Debate

NRA Challenge

THE NRA DEBATE CHALLENGE VIDEO [su_youtube_advanced url=”″] In the 1990s, I was proud to say, “My President is Charlton Heston.” And today, I am proud to say, “My President is Wayne LaPierre.” [su_spoiler title=”Podcast Notes/Description” style=”fancy”]Barack Obama likes to punch those he knows won’t fight back.  He does it all the time. The GOP establishment…

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Liberals Love Trickle Down Economics

What Trickle Down Is and What Trickle Down Isn’t Liberals think they understand so called “trickle down economics.”  But the economic policies they refer to as “trickle down” are not in fact, appropriately described as such.  In an odd twist, however, the actual economic policies Liberals favor, really are a form of “trickle down”, though…

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Sean Penn is in grandes problemas

Sean Penn and El Chapo

Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed El Chapo Mexican authorities are revealing they tracked their way to El Chapo by following Sean Penn on his way to an interview with the drug lord who is responsible for at least 35, 000 murders. Here’s a question:  What is the over/under on Sean Penn’s life expectancy now that he’s…

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