Hollywood Casts the Man to Play Michael Jackson-He’s White

Hollywood has completed casting for a movie about Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando’s post 9/11 experience and the man cast in the role of Michael Jackson, is actor Joseph Fiennes, a white man. I can’t imagine there being any controversy over this.  Can you?

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CBO: Obamacare Enrollments off by 40%


More Irrefutable evidence that Obamacare is an abysmal failure American Thinker: “The CBO reports that Obamacare will enroll far fewer people than expected in 2016. Instead of 20 million Americans signed up, only 13 million are expected to carry Obamacare insurance.   The smaller enrollment tally will not likely mean a substantial decrease in costs,…

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Trump in 2011: Bachmann & Perry are Cowards for Not Debating


Donald Trump won’t be attending Thursday night’s GOP debate hosted by Fox News, but many of his supporters reject the idea it’s out of cowardice and instead a stand on principle against what he believes is a biased moderator.  But just five years ago, Donald Trump himself attempted to host his own GOP Presidential debate…

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morning joke

This 90 second video contains a number of whoppers from Donald Trump and his feelings about Congressional Democrats.  If you are a Trump supporter because you are tired of the way Republicans in Congress work to give the Democrats what they want, then you need to listen to this video.  Here are some of Trump’s…

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Within the last week, Donald Trump said he could shoot someone and not lose a vote because his followers were so loyal.  Well, if Trump follows through with his promise to drop out of this week’s Republican debate hosted by Fox News, he will get a chance to see how loyal his supporters are after shooting…

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Staged Questions at CNN Town Hall

staging questions

“I can see why they gave you this question.” That’s what a young man said before asking Hillary Clinton the question to which Americans far and wide wanted an answer. Was it about Libya? Was it about her private email server? Was it about her exorbitant speaking fees? Was it about the private deals with…

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Hillary Clinton Will Go Down in Flames


Joe DeGenova is an American hero and patriot.  This video is 20 months old.  In it, DeGenova explains why the Benghazi investigations took so long and got nowhere until the Special Committee chaired by Trey Gowdy was formed.  DeGenova furiously excoriates the Republican chairmen of three of the committees investigating Benghazi: House Foreign Affairs Committee…

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The Village Seal of Whitesboro, New York

I am not one to be politically correct, but even I know when something is over the line.  This certainly qualifies.  What were the people of this village thinking?  Especially a village so unfortunate to be named, Whitesboro.  You have got to be kidding me.  This isn’t even a close call, folks. http://mashable.com/2016/01/22/whitesboro-town-seal/#BPRv8KRrsgqy

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As Historic Storm Approaches, at Arlington, It’s Just Another Day

An epic snowstorm in bearing down on the east coast and Washington, D.C. is expected to be in the center of the bull’s eye.  If it lives up to expectations, this storm will rank among the top blizzards of all time.  The District of Columbia is going to be totally shut down.  Not even the…

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Will the Trump Insults Wear Thin?

Donald Trump

It’s been pretty well established at this point that Barack Obama is very thin skinned, unable to take criticism without reacting to it in a manner many see as less than Presidential.  But Obama looks like a graduate of finishing school next to Donald J. Trump.  Trump’s presidential run has been very entertaining for those…

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