Chuck Hagel: Obama issued stand down order

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In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, former Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel said Obama told the US military to “stand down” rather than carry out a strike as he promised he would if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. It was Aug. 30, 2013, and the U.S. military was poised for…

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Republicans are using the language of war in terror fight; Is that what Americans want?

(link to post)   Tough talk on terror is playing very well right now, particularly in the Republican primaries. Every candidate is using dramatic language in vowing to destroy ISIS. In the wake of Paris and San Bernardino, each contender wants to project an image of strength. Donald Trump says he will bomb the S…

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Political Contributions of $1million or more in 2014

“The Republicans are the party of the rich.”  Are they? It’s a familiar refrain heard by everyone on the political left and in the Democratic Party.  The Republicans, they say, don’t care about the middle class, and only care about their rich, billionaire friends.  But in a day when big money drives the politics in…

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Pentagon proposing big release of Gitmo detainees

(link to post)   The Obama administration may be moving toward one of the biggest transfers of Guantanamo Bay prisoners in years, as part of the president’s slow-moving and still-controversial push to empty the camp. A congressional aide confirmed to on Thursday that the Pentagon has floated to lawmakers the possibility of transferring another…

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Obama Admin. lost track of thousands of terror suspects


(link to post)A US State Department official admitted on Thursday that US President Barack Obama’s administration is not sure where thousands of foreigners in the US who had their visas pulled over terror suspicions currently are. Michele Thoren Bond, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, made the admission at a House oversight hearing…

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Networks Censor ABC Poll Finding 53 Percent Oppose Assault Weapons Ban

(link to post)ABC’s morning and evening newscasts, along with those of competitors CBS and NBC, have yet to cover on the latest Washington Post/ABC poll finding that 53 percent of Americans oppose a new assault weapons ban. This is the “first time in more than 20 years of ABC News/Washington Post polls, with the public…

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The Income Inequality Farce

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The political left talks until they are blue in the face, decrying how awful income inequality is. If you agree with that premise consider this: The necessary consequence of eliminating income inequality, is to eliminate freedom. Think about it. Inequality is the natural consequence of the exercise of freedom Individuals are not made equally gifted.  Some are…

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The News on Guns That Never Gets National Attention

Here are but a few examples of law abiding citizens using firearms to protect themselves from criminals.  There are literally millions of such examples each year, but those who wish to confiscate guns and do away with the Second Amendment will never ever show you these: – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and…

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52 Year Old Father of 7, Now Claims to be a Transgendered 6 year old girl

mentally ill man

DEFINING DEVIANCY DOWN This is a mental illness and if the American Psychiatric Association can’t recognize it, they are useless. The local news described this person as a “woman”.  Click here for article Blogger Jim Treacher in the DC Trawler section of the Daily Caller, wrote: I’ve said some pretty mean things about trans people…

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Trump’s Call to Bar Muslims is Constitutional


News flash:  The media has it wrong.  All of them.  Including Fox News. The Immigration and Nationality Act gives the president the authority to suspend the entry of “any class of aliens” on his finding that their entry would be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”  Obama has actually used this power already…

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