Yes! Let the Shutdown Happen!

government shutdown

Republicans in Washington look for reasons not to oppose Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  They seem to think any fight you aren’t likely to win isn’t a fight worth having.  I have said countless times, that one political party has no principles, while the other only pretends to have them.  This is a case in point.  The Republicans refuse to stand on principle, “because we can’t win.”  That is the problem with the mindset of Washington, D.C. Republicans.  They see no value in staking out a principled position.

Look, either the GOP stands for something or it doesn’t.  But as far as I can tell, all Mitch McConnell and John Boehner  (until this week) stand for is maintaining their position of dominance within their own party.  When Harry Reid grew tired of the filibuster, he changed the rule.  Republicans say changing the filibuster rule in the Senate will lead to unintended consequences.  This is a lie intended to frighten people.  The filibuster rule could be narrowly amended to address only one issue or a narrow group of issues.  Mitch McConnell, the master parliamentarian knows this.  Still, he refuses to fight and along with Boehner, pledges no government shutdown.


The GOP is allergic to talk of a government shutdown because they fear the media.  They point to the shutdown in 2013, engineered by Harry Reid and Barack Obama, but blamed on the Republicans by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself).  Republicans took a hit in the polls and surrendered even though Obama admitted to the media that he would not sign any funding measure short of what he demanded for political reasons.  And even though Obama instructed federal agencies to make the shutdown as painful to the American people as possible.  And even though Obama and his administration spokespeople lied through their teeth to the American public about the dire consequences of a shut down.


In this video, Obama admits he won’t approve budget measures Democrats and Republicans agree on in order to bring political pressure.

Yes, in the short term, the media affected the public’s view of the Republican Party.  But in the aftermath of the shutdown, when absolutely nothing happened Obama and the Democrats warned the country about, they were the ones who lost credibility.  Furthermore, the 2013 shutdown was over a year away from the mid-term elections.  Certainly long enough for the shutdown to be a distant memory in the minds of the public, even if they still felt any resentment towards the GOP, can anyone say that it adversely affected the Republicans in the 2014 mid-terms?

During the 2013 shutdown, the public learned that 85% of the government still operates anyway.  They learned that pay periods missed were never lost, but paid retroactively.  Shutting down the government in 2013 was the biggest non-event in history.  And it was made so because President Obama warned that 700,000 people would lose their jobs.  The reality: 1.  Yes!  Just ONE PERSON lost their job due to the shutdown.


What good is the Republican Party if they can’t fight for what they say they believe in when history instructs us that the consequences of such a fight are minimal and the other side can be exposed for the liars they are? 

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