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Some on the Left Finally Understand their Leadership Crisis

Most Liberals are a bit slow, but eventually some do catch on.

Yesterday, the following article appeared on the website, Vox.com:

What is news on Vox was highlighted on GreatVocalMajority.com 8 months ago.

What is news on Vox was highlighted on GreatVocalMajority.com 8 months ago.

Better late than never.  I’ll say this much about the Vox article.  At least it is an honest attempt to point out the weakness of the Democratic Party at the state and local level.  Not many Democrats are willing to do that.  They are so busy crafting excuses for their failures, they never stop to consider that perhaps their failures are policy related.  But not so with Matthew Yglesias, who every cogently, albeit belatedly points out what should have been obvious to Democrats in the immediate aftermath of the 2014 Congressional Midterms.

The question that needs to be asked is why has this catastrophe for Democrats been largely ignored or dismissed?  There are several reasons.  Mr. Yglesias believes it’s denial.  This is true, but it is a denial that is media enabled.  Cable news and the blogosphere are almost entirely focused on politics at the national level.  Almost no attention at all is given to sate level politics and even when it is, it centers on a controversy.  Such was the case with Scott Walker in Wisconsin, for example.  Coupled with the fact that Conservative and Tea Party groups have been organizing locally across the nation, without any countervailing answer from the left, the Democrats have allowed the initiative at the state and local levels to be seized away from them and there is little chance they will wrest it back any time soon.

GreatVocalMajority.com Report on Democrat Leadership Crisis in February 2015.


How Democrats are Reacting to the Problem

In response, the national Democratic Party has become much more radicalized.  Now, candidates and some other party members are speaking openly of allowing illegal immigrants voting privileges.  Although it is hard to imagine with the Motor Voter Law, at least some illegals aren’t already voting.  Furthermore, the fear of a wave of newly registered illegal alien voters has created a renewed effort at assuring the integrity of election results with Voter ID laws.  It should come as no surprise that Democrats see this as a major threat to their chances.  They should.

Nevertheless, the Republicans seem a bit slow footed in their defense of the Voter ID laws.  Democrats howl that the Voter ID laws are actually voter suppression and propose to fix a non-existent problem.  This argument seems powerful, but it really isn’t once you poke at it.  To explain this, think of voting as a process, which it is.  It is the process by which we elect people to office.

Many years ago, more than I would admit to, I was an auditor.  As an auditor, one of your responsibilities is to ensure there is no fraudulent activity in the organization under audit.  But even when no fraud exists, an auditor’s job doesn’t end there.  The auditor must ensure that the processes being used by the organization aren’t vulnerable to fraud.  This is key to understand when considering the need for Voter ID Laws.  The absence of voter fraud is no assurance that the voting process is secure from risk.  If the process of voting relies on the honesty of the people engaged in the process, without the necessary safeguards, then it is only a matter of time before the opportunistic fraudster avails themselves of those vulnerabilities.

So, when Democrats say, “there is no evidence of voter fraud”, the correct response from anyone interested in voting integrity should be:  “We should’t wait for voter fraud to happen, when the process we now have is vulnerable to it and there is a reasonable solution that will accommodate every single person who is eligible to vote.”

The integrity of the vote should be of paramount importance to all Americans, especially since there have been so many close elections, turning on recounts.  Victory in an election is of less importance than assuring the public that the final result is the true voice of the people.  Integrity matters.  Or at least it should.  Even to Democrats.  And one must wonder why on earth it does not if there is no monkey business going on right now.

The divisiveness and radicalization of the Democratic Party that we are now witnessing is a direct result of the clear an unambiguous repudiation of their agenda by the American people at the state and local level.  But in their response to it, take a look at what the Democrats are doing.  They are demanding the legalization of at least 10 million illegal aliens, most of whom, conventional wisdom dictates, would vote Democratic.  They are playing the race card, labeling the Voter ID laws, a “poll tax”, despite the fact that Voter ID cards are free and nobody would be prohibited from voting without one.  Every state with a voter id law, provides for free id’s and provisional ballots to those without one, and 10 business days to acquire one in order to vote.  That’s hardly a poll tax.  But the race card is all about fear and it works on a great many people.  Democrats stoke fear on other ways, too.  Asserting that the Republicans are conducting a “war on women.”  From the Occupy Democrats to the Black Lives Matter movement, Democrat radials are seeking to polarize and divide Americans along lines of race, class and gender.

Slandering wealthy GOP contributors is especially galling since Democrats have an equal number of wealthy contributors who don’t hide their agendas.  Men like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Richard Rich, among a number of others.  In a nutshell, the Democrats are desperately attempting to juice their base with fear, while adding to it with millions of illegal aliens.  They hope to nullify the expressed will of the country.  And they don’t seem as interested in how it’s done more than the fact that it is done.  They have placed their leftist vision ahead of  the will of Americans to support that vision.

For their part, the Republican establishment has offered no alternative and has profited by beating something with nothing.  This cannot be sustained.  Their political advantage cannot be maintained without presenting their case for governing.  But the problem for the Republican establishment is the Tea Party.  You see, the Tea Party and other conservative groups are largely responsible for this resurgence, but the GOP establishment has until now been too entrenched to yield power to the Conservatives.  The establishment is sensitive media reaction, which is overwhelmingly hostile to Republicans and serves as an arm of the Democratic Party so often, they can be indistinguishable.  The timidity of the GOP establishment can be ended by a strong, conservative voice.`

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