Comment: Pope Francis and a Shameless Congress

Pope Francis made his speech before the House and Senate today, delivering it without any major surprises.

At the outset of this historic event, the focus for me was House Speaker Boehner, who appeared to be overcome with emotion listening to the Pontiff.  I am not kidding.  John Boehner was crying during the Pope’s speech.  Maybe the GOP caucus won’t need to dump Boehner as Speaker.  Maybe he could just check himself into a mental hospital.  Clearly, the man is not without serious emotional problems.

Although the Congress was instructed not to applaud, they did anyway.  Usually when His Holiness commented on a topic that favored one party or the other’s position.  It was totally inappropriate because it served to politicize Francis’s comments which were not intended as such.

Even though this pope appears to be quite naive and ill informed about topics he comments on, he doesn’t wish to become part of the debate on an issue.  He has his opinions, but throughout his remarks, he kept emphasizing Christian themes of love, brotherhood and good stewardship.  No political party has a lock on any of those.  In other words, the pope comes to his opinion, using those guiding principles, but it was clear at least to me, that he doesn’t exclude others from arriving at different conclusions, using those same guiding principles.  Clearly, this pope leans left of center, but nobody should conclude from his speech that Catholics ought to do the same.  Francis was applying Christian principles to problems as he sees them.  He’s urging us to use those principles as our guide.  He is not necessarily saying we must come to the same conclusions.

Why Politicians are Obscene Human Beings

It is revolting to watch politicians, particularly Liberal Democrats, but others as well, use the most admired religious figure in the world as a foil.  It is so offensive to watch left wing politicians who as a rule, hate the Catholic Church and everything it stands for, use the Pontiff as a wedge to bolster their positions on controversial policy.  The hypocrisy is so thoroughly repellent, it’s no wonder Congress is held in such low esteem.  More people in America keep cockroaches for pets than admire most of the politicians who populate our Congress.  It is truly obscene to watch how politicians, especially leftists, preen and hold the Pope’s comments up as a moral justification of their politics so selectively.  You see, it all depends on the issue.  The leftists are not quite on board with Francis’s conclusions about abortion or same sex marriage, so they ignore his words on that.  It was a horrendous display of classlessness.

Furthermore, there was nothing in the Pope’s remarks on any issue, making it decidedly favorable to the left or right.  There are conservative, Republican positions on everything he mentioned, using the same principles he espoused.  But the Democrats know their policy positions are weak and unpopular and they latched onto this Pope’s words like a life raft.  It was shameful and in the end, it will not amount to anything beneficial for the Democrats.

Bottom line:  We can all get something good out of the Pope’s speech.  Apart from his prescriptions on policy, on the level of operating principles, there was a great deal of wisdom in it.  The Pontiff returned again and again to those Christian principles which guide his thinking.  It cannot hurt to reflect on the principles that guide American policy.  The only shame of it is that Pope Francis was speaking to one political party that has no principles and another that only pretends to have them.

A. J. Codispoti, Admin

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