Big Lies in the Age of Deceit

There is a good reason why Americans have lost faith in our institutions.  Here are some of the reasons.

Elizabeth Warren’s dubious ancestry

A blonde haired, blue eyed woman from New England claims native American Indian heritage and uses it to gain preferential consideration for entry to America’s top Ivy League university.




Dorian Johnson:  My friend had his hands up and said, “don’t shoot!”

When Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson, Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, sparked waves of violent protests by insisting Brown was shot in cold blood as he attempted to surrender.  Three separate autopsies, along with local, state and federal investigations all concluded that Brown was killed attempting to murder the police

Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson

officer.  It turned out that Dorian Johnson was an accomplice to a strong armed robbery just moments before the shooting.  Johnson had committed perjury.  He’s lied to authorities before.

Johnson lied to police after being arrested on suspicion of theft, a charge to which he later plead guilty.  Nevertheless, his credibility was never questioned.  His perjury was never prosecuted.  Many of the rioters and looters were never brought to justice.



Democrats:  “Birthers are kooks.”

bookbioI am not a “birther.”  A “birther” is someone who believes President Obama is ineligible for the Presidency because he was born in Kenya and doesn’t qualify as a “natural born American citizen.”  Birthers have been the subject of a great deal of ridicule, and their motives have been questioned.  How did the rumors of Obama’s place of birth ever become a question?  It did not begin with white Republicans.  Some believe it began with rumors out of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  But this wasn’t the first time anyone claimed Obama to be Kenyan born.

In 1991, Barack Obama was planning on writing a book.  The book never ended up being written or published, but Obama did enlist the aid of a publicist, Acton & Dystel.  In 1991, the agency produced a publicity brochure featuring 90 authors, including Obama.  You see a photo of Obama’s page in that brochure here.

It is hard to imagine how a young and ambitious man like Obama, wasn’t aware of every word written about him in a publicity brochure.  But Obama did nothing to correct the error.  Even a New York Times article published a year earlier noted he was born in Hawaii.  But the publicity brochure had it wrong and Obama did nothing to correct it.

In early 2008, Obama and the publicist, Miriam Goderich corrected the record, but not entirely.  Goderich, whose firm, now called Dystel & Goderich, claims Obama as a client.  Obviously, Goderich had a vested interest in supporting Obama’s version about how such an error could remain uncorrected for 17 years.  Goderich dutifully fell on her sword, blaming herself for a “fact checking error.”  But that doesn’t explain how Obama allowed the error in the first place.

What can explain Obama’s lack of an earlier correction?  The fact that Barack Obama is comfortable letting people believe things about him which aren’t true, as long as it serves his interests.  Perhaps he believed claiming birth in Kenya would make him more marketable as an author.  Whatever his reasons, Obama has behaved very casually with the truth, having gone back on his word numerous times and blatantly lying.

His lack of sincerity has served to undermine his credibility in the eyes of other world leaders and the American public.  There is no need to recount an endless train of Obama deceptions here.  Unlike any of his predecessors, Obama is allowed to escape accountability behind his race.

So, the next time an Obama supporter ridicules a birther, remind them of this brochure.  Remind them how Obama let it remain uncorrected for 17 years.  And remind them that the first birther was Barack Obama himself.

Across the entire spectrum of the political left, lying to advance the cause is an accepted practice.  A Rolling Stone magazine reporter completely fabricates a story about campus rape because it serves the agenda.  The fact that the story was totally untrue was of no consequence.  The “reporter” still holds her position at the newspaper.

The political left is suffering from a kind of mental disorder  where facts no longer matter and the truth becomes an outlaw to the agenda.  Unless the people themselves exact a price on those who would ignore the truth, the survival of the republic is in peril.  Whether one stands on the left or right politically, without maintaining fidelity to the truth, the republic will be lost.



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