Trump: “Health Care and Education are basic functions of government”

Does Donald J Trump know what the basic functions of government really are? Donald Trump says he’s a Republican.  He claims he’s a conservative.  When asked about the basic functions of government by Anderson Cooper, Trump included health care and education.  No Republican recognizes health care and education as a basic function of government.  Neither…

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Some U.S. citizens still missing after Belgium bombings: official

The U.S. State Department is still working to account for all Americans who were in Brussels during Tuesday’s bomb attacks in the city, a spokesman said on Wednesday, as local media reported that family members were seeking news of missing relatives. At least 31 people were killed and 260 wounded in the attacks on Brussels’…

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Chelsea Clinton: Mom wants Obamacare for Illegal Aliens

chelsea clinton

How in the world can anyone trust a single word out a Democrat mouth anymore? Remember when this happened?  Look at these phonies.  All three of them lying and nodding in agreement with the liar in chief.  Despicable. Congressman Joe Wilson was practically drawn and quartered for violating decorum at this Presidential address on Healthcare.…

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AP: Most Transparent Government? No. Least Transparent

Remember when Barack Obama said this? Another Promise Broken The Associated Press has released a report which shows the Obama Administration is setting records for lack of transparency.  Here are some of the highlights: 129,825 times or 17% of all requests were not found at all.  That is, the document requested could not be found.…

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In Defense Of Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is a good television news journalist and the best interviewer Fox News has.  Her rise to ratings prominence gives testimony to the fact that she is good at what she does.  Kelly pulls no punches, making it as uncomfortable for Democrats as she does Republicans.  Some conservatives seem jarred by Kelly’s aggressive questioning…

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Clinton barking


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Video Shows Clinton Admitting Guilt

Clinton Lies

HILLARY CLINTON MUST BE INDICTED Hillary Clinton is a liar.  And a bad one.  Thanks to the miracle of recorded video, we know this beyond any doubt.  It is hard to imagine any circumstance at all where even the most dedicated Hillary zealot, when faced with this video, will be able to effectively dismiss the…

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Warren Grants Interview, Answers Nothing

Elizabeth Warren aka Fauxcohontas

The Mainstream Media deserves this kind of dismissive behavior.  They have been in the tank for Democrats for so long, Democrats now are completely ignoring their questions and going straight to the talking points.  Notice in this 4 1/2 minute interview how Warren is not aggressively pursued for not answering the questions.  Even when Warren…

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Clinton tried to change rules to use BlackBerry in secure facility for classified information

Less than a month after becoming secretary of state, and registering the personal email domain that she would use exclusively for government business, Hillary Clinton’s team aggressively pursued changes to existing State Department security protocols so she could use her BlackBerry in secure facilities for classified information, according to new documents released under the Freedom…

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